Saturday, November 7, 2015

Kitacon 7 Cosplay Plans


Kitacon 7 in Kemi, Finland will be my next but also my last con for the year. Last year's Kitacon was a 2-day event but this year -sadly- it will only last for a day. This is because the money support that Kitacon got in during the year, was only enough to host an one day event with. I don't mind this as I'm just happy knowing that Kitacon will happen after the long, silent wait.

Kitacon will be held during next week's Saturday, namely the 14th November. What I will go as, will really depend on the weather. If I cosplay it will most likely be:

Original Casual!Germany from Hetalia.
I wanted something easy for Kitacon and after re-watching 5 seasons of Hetalia together with Shiro Samurai (he watched for the first time) we both felt like doing an easy pair cosplay for the con. He namely ended up taking a liking towards Japan (man, I SO saw this coming) and wanted to debut something new for a change. I was definitely up for a photoshoot and that's why I decided upon Casual Original!Germany for Kitacon. If the weather turns out to be peeing on me during the con day, I will just dress up extra geeky for the day and call it.

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