Saturday, December 26, 2015

Across the Stars - Anakin Skywalker Progress Part: 1

Hello all geeks!

The weekend before the world's premier of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I was at mom's place sewing a dark brown Jedi robe for my closet-cosplay Jedi outfit (for the cinema showings) but also for my planned Anakin Skywalker cosplay. That's why I picked the dark brown color and I'm super happy that we had just the right fabric for it. There won't be many photos of the robe progress as I and Shiro Samurai worked on our Jedi robes at the same time (he did a lighter brown one) and we didn't really have time to photograph each other. We were so busy with our own robe and in a hurry to finish it for the premier.

As per usual my sewing started with that I went to the attic to look for the appropriate Jedi robe fabric and I found it fairly fast. Lovely. With the fabric on the kitchen table I and -mostly- mom thought about how to make the robe pattern while I at times searched for Jedi robe patterns online, trying to find one that speaks sense to us. It was surprisingly hard to even find patterns, gosh. After looking at couple of different reference pictures we figured out and cut out the right shape. The patterns for the robe consisted of two arm sleeves, hood, one back part and two front parts.

Photographer: Shiro Samurai 

Front part cut out.
Front from another angle.
After that the front and back part had been released from the fabric I went to sew the shoulder seams together with the overlock machine.

Jedi robe with shoulder seams done.
Then it was time to cut out the sleeves and the hood. Those patterns were easier to figure out but we had to size-up the hood quite a bit from the hood pattern we used, which was a men's hood XL size, huehue. It was going to be huge! Next up was to attach the sleeves to the robe and sew them on. I had a memory of how to attach sleeves, so I marked the upper middle point of the sleeve with a needle and attached the sleeve to the arm spot on the robe. I attached it with needles all the way around and made sure that it fit properly to the robe's sleeve-less arm. Same process on both sleeves, of course.

My robe has sleeves!
Now when my Jedi robe had its sleeves on, it was time to sew together the side seams starting from the sleeves (as I now had them on) and then follow all the way to the hem. When I was done my robe looked like this:

I don't remember exactly what I did after sewing the sides together but I know that I spent plenty of time doing the zigzag (preventing hems from fraying) and straight stitching to take in seam allowance and to make it look more proper. Man, it felt like the mass of fabric would never end at times, haha! With parts of the straight stitching done and the zigzag done, I started with the hood, like ironing it and making sure that it looks pretty when it comes to the seams and man, this thing knew how to be an ass to me on the ironing board.

Photographer: Frozen Angel

Hood resting on the ironing board after I tried to iron the upper seams to look good and even. It was harder than I thought. Mom helped me to get it to look as good as possible later on, thanks.
While still at the ironing process, I also took my time to iron in those 2,5 cm width of seam allowance on the bottom hem that I haven't sewed yet and need to fold in. I did this before the straight stitching to make sure that I get the right measure taken in. I namely don't have time to start ripping long seams and re-do things.

Robe on the inside. Bottom hem is the one I need to fold in and straight stitch.
Making sure that all the sides have the same 2,5 cm width. Photographer: Shiro Samurai.
With the straight stitching over and done with, I still had the hood left to attach and to cut out one more hood, as I wanted to have it lined. It would have more weight and be more thick and I wanted that for my robe. I placed the fabric on the floor near the ironing board and cut out another hood piece. Mom had some complaints as I cut the bottom edge of the hood on the fray, do-not-cut-here edges of the fabric. I personally did this to make sure I got both the hoods on the same height and to save the amount fabric in-between the both hoods. Besides, this thing was so huge that a loss of 1-2 cm at the end wouldn't matter at all and well, it didn't. From the hood sewing part I remember sewing them together on the curved top seam so that it well, would look like a hood and then zigzag around the whole thing to prevent it from fraying. This thing kinda looked like some sort of tent when I held it out. Mom ironed it to be flat on both sides as I had issues with this and she did the straight stitching very near the front edge of the hood and attached the hood, as she knew how to make it look really good. It took some extra work but man the results was worth it!

Only one side of the hood is attached. Photographer: Frozen Angel.
We needled the hood in place as we did with the sleeves, starting from the middle and then going towards the sides. But we only attached one of the hoods (as seen on the picture above) to the collar and then mom used the other hood (double layer, lined one) to cover all those poking out threads on the wrong side to make it look really clean and nice! Many thanks! I can't recall everything that she did or in what order exactly things were done, as I was looking after the food and preparing the kitchen table for dinner while mom was doing my sewing part. Yeah, we kinda swapped duties at one point as someone had to look after the food and the sewing got fairly hard at this point. Mom finished my cosplay.

This is what the finished Jedi robe looks like!

Photographer: Shiro Samurai

Huge hood is huge.

So how did I feel when I wore a Jedi robe? Well, I really can't explain in words how happy I was or how geeky I felt, but I think that this Darth Vader and his fellow Stormtroopers gets down my feelings pretty well:

That's all for this time! Thank you for reading and may the Force be with you!

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