Thursday, December 31, 2015

Cosplay Year 2015

Now 2015 is soon behind us and it feels just as crazy as it did with 2014, wow... time just passes by really fast! Man, I'm gonna get old before I even know it, haha!

This year my entire cosplay hobby was more or less on ice the whole year as I only attended 3 cons plus Kemi's manga day and debuted 2 simple cosplays. But for me this small amount of cons and cosplays for the year felt just right, as I've been wanting to take a break from this hobby since the end of 2014. It was a really needed break from cosplay Wonderland and it really helped me to get back the muse for cosplay that I haven't really felt during the last cons. I just want to enjoy this hobby more than I currently do and it was a brilliant idea for me to put the hobby aside and focus more on life itself. 2015 had a lot of goodies coming my way and I'm really grateful that my hard work really paid off! The best thing of all the goodies was that I finally got the chance to travel to Germany again, something that I've been missing beyond words since 2013. That trip gave me so much and I just want to say a heartfelt "Dankeschön!" to all of you down there who helped me along the way and made my trip so special! But now back to cosplay Wonderland. Guess what guys? I somehow managed to do a small thing on Link and lead him closer to the goal line but then the damn thing got left behind... again!

Before ending this text, I would like to say thank you for a great 2015 to all of my readers and followers out there despite it being a pretty silent year for me this time. Oh well, at least I have some plans for 2016 but we'll see what happens!

This year I have been to the following cons:

Desucon Frostbite 2015 - Lahti, Finland
Kemi's Manga Day (21/2 - 2015) - Kemi, Finland
Nerdcon 2015 - Umeå, Sweden
Kitacon 7 - Kemi, Finland

Here is what I have cosplayed during the year:

From left to right: Luka Crosszeria (The Betrayal Knows My Name), Germany (Hetalia), Jean Kirstein (Attack on Titan)

Happy New Year 2016!

Frozen Angel out.

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  1. Sometimes it's good to take a break from something, even if it's a hobby that's really fun and dear to you. :) Glad to hear that the break paid off though!
    Poor Link always gets pushed back... LOL. xD He's your eternity project, haha.

    Happy New Year ~