Thursday, December 17, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens World's Premiere

Hello, hello all!

This post was written during 16th December but the clock had time to pass midnight before I posted!

Today is the world's premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and as a big Star Wars fan myself, I've been waiting and hyping for this day ever since I heard there is a new movie coming out. Star Wars really hit my core and it clicked so many of my "All my YES!" boxes when it comes to movies/series and I just fell in love with it. As a guy who works at the cinema in town (non-paid work) I was, of course, working during this big day and my work position was to sell tickets and take debit card payments. This -along with the rest of my working duties- while dressed up as a random Jedi! I arrived at the cinema somewhere around 16:20 (the movie would start at 19:00) and as soon as I got there, I went to change to my closet-cosplay Jedi outfit and immediately afterwards, I got some work to take care of. The Jedi outfit was quickly put together from parts of other costumes that I own, including a dark brown Jedi robe that I sewed at mom's place during last weekend for the Star Wars showings at the cinema (there will be 3 showings in total) and -afterwards- for my planned Anakin Skywalker cosplay, why I picked the dark brown color. Two birds with one stone, yeehaaaw!

During my working hours at the cinema I had really fun and I enjoyed myself while doing my work. What especially made me happy during this special, geeky evening was the customers nice comments about my outfit. The best line of the day was actually the first one I heard, one that came from a guy who came to the cinema shortly after that I was done dressing up. When he and his friends saw me he said "The geek is strong with this one" and that just made my day. All the nice comments that I got about my outfit put smiles on my face and it felt just awesome to know that my tiresome, last-minute Jedi robe sewing work really paid off! Yupp, I'm totally cosplaying during the other 2 showings of the movie as well, as the Jedi cosplay idea felt really appreciated by both the cinema staff and the customers. I worked at the cinema from around 16:30 to probably 22:00 and we had almost a whooping 200 visitors which is huge in this small town I live in. Sadly, this time I didn't have time to watch the movie myself as I had plenty of things to take care of during the movie but oh well, I don't mind too much; I had so much fun and it felt really satisfying when all the hard work was done. I make sure to watch the movie either during the 20th or 25th December. We'll see.

Before I leave you guys to Darth Vader's mercy, have a photo of what my closet-Jedi outfit looked like feat. cinema snacks!

Photographer: Hasakitsuki

Yes, I have Anakin's lightsaber as I plan to cosplay him in the future.

That's all for this time and my Jedi robe progress post is up next! Goodnight folks!

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