Saturday, December 31, 2016

Cosplay Year 2016

Soon another year has passed us by and the next one 2017, is ready to step in as soon as the clock hits midnight. I can't believe that 2016 is in the books of history now! It felt like it just started! Man, time sure flies by and here I am, at home, trying to convince my brain that 2017 is starting tonight, while my brain denies the whole year change completely, böh. Anyway, 2016 has been my calmest cosplay year so far and this is because I simply put my beloved hobby a bit to the side, while focusing heavily on something much bigger, namely life itself. I'm glad I did, I have advanced a lot in my life and I'm ready to go wherever Faith takes me next. When it comes to cosplay progress, I can honestly say that I haven't got jackshit done during the year, save for ordering a costume online and getting one as a gift from a good friend's mom. Yeah, I know, super creative year right? Wow, much creativity, such work, wow *insert doge face here*

Anyway, I hope that this break from cosplay and cons will help me enjoy the coming conventions a bit more and maybe, just maybe, I can try out something new and find the reason behind my long-lost con hype. Oh and I can't wait for spring and summer to come! I look forward to continue on that green clad hero of time. Yes, you read it right, I haven't forgotten about Link. I mean, dammit! How can I forget about him when a specific pile of green fabric keeps haunting me in my dreams saying "Finish me~" over and over again, lol. One day Link, one day, I promise. Before moving on, I want to thank my friends and peeps both old and new, who have spent time with me during this year's cons. Thanks everyone for your company! ^w^

This year I have been to the following cons:

Närcon Vinter 2016 - Linköping, Sweden
Cosvision 2016 - Hämeenlinna, Finland
Kummacon 2016 - Oulu, Finland
Tracon 11 - Tampere, Finland
Kitacon 8 - Kemi, Finland

Here is what I have cosplayed during the year:

From left to right: Germany (Hetalia), Prussia (Hetalia)

Happy New Year 2017!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas 2016 Give-away!

- Please read everything before commenting! - 

Merry Christmas everyone.

Now when December the 24th is here it's time for this cosplay blog's next give-away! I have thought about this give-away for a while, since I started to plan it somewhere back in September or so. It's been a while since my last give-away and even if I'm far from being that jolly Christmas person myself, I have always genuinely enjoyed the act of giving - no matter the time of the year. Really. One of the best feelings I have ever felt, is the one you feel when you by "chance" find that one gift that you just know that person x will love (when person x has, for example, been helping you throughout the year) and the feeling you get, when you get it for them and see their honest happiness of receiving it. Hnnngh! This is a reaction that I treasure a lot and one that I even go back to re-live every now and then, if that says something to someone. It's a moment's reaction that has an everlasting, positive impact on me emotionally. This is what I love about the act of giving when it's done right and honestly. Anyone know the feeling? So yeah, no matter how much I Grinch (hihi) at Christmas every darn year, I enjoy making my friends happy and people who matter to me in some way, this includes my readers and followers because you peeps matter to me. Without you guys, this blog would have been dead a loong time ago. It makes me happy to know that someone out there actually reads whatever shit I throw up here about my cosplay life every now and then, so really... thank you guys for all your support and for being with me! ^w^

So what have I hid in my sleeve for this year's Christmas give-away? Nothing less than a pair of lenses and said pair up for grabs is the Beaucon Vibrant Match Gray!

Photographer: Shiro Samurai

What the lenses look like and yes, they are light gray.
These lenses have plano prescription, authentic, unopened and bought from the site A lens case will be included as well.

Now those interested of you probably wonder what you need to do to participate, right? It's super easy! First off, to participate in this give-away you have to be one of my public followers (current 53) and drop a comment below with your e-mail address, so that I can contact you if you happen to be the lucky winner. The winner will be choosen randomly, so everyone has the same chance to win! If there is some type of posts that you enjoy more or a specific cosplay (that I currently have) that you'd like to see more photos of, for example, let me know! I'd love to hear what you guys enjoy when reading my blog! I'm also open for serious cosplay suggestions, if someone has them and if given, only male characters please! Unless you're fine with me doing a genderbend of a suggested female character.

Now when we're nearing the end of this post and before I start the give-away timer, I also want to mention one last thing. Since I am the one who is paying for the shipping costs in this give-away, I'm sorry to say but there will be a country restriction to where I can send the prize. This time only followers from these countries can participate:

~ Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany and France ~

This give-away will be running from 24th December to 31st January and the winner will be announced at 1st February.

That's it for now and good luck to everyone! Feel free to spread the word around to your friends and why not, other geeks? :)

Monday, October 31, 2016

Kitacon 8 Summary

Hello peeps!

Kitacon, the small local con in the heart of Kemi, was held during 29th October inside Sauvotalo in well, Kemi, Finland. I went there together with Sacchan, Shiro Samurai, Hasakitsuki and Firith. I had a good time at the con and it was nice to spend time with my friends and to be at a small con for a change, with my last con being a bigger one up here. But now to the con summary.

Saturday morning came and my alarm rang at 07:30 local time so I got up and prepared the breakfast for the both of us once the clock hit 08:00. Firith had gotten up before me, as his cosplay required more time to put on than mine did. He was going as Ayame Sohma from Fruits Basket and my choice was Germany from Hetalia. After finishing my breakfast, I started to put on the cosplay and when it comes down to makeup, I skipped a big chunk of it; I couldn't be bothered to do proper makeup for such a small con. Somewhere past 08:45 or so, Hasakitsuki came to wait at my place and around 09:10 we were all ready to leave. Sacchan and Shiro Samurai arrived at 09:20 or so and after that, we left for Kitacon.

Somewhere around 11:30 (Finnish time) we arrived at Sauvotalo and once inside, I went to check out the Dealer's Hall on the first floor, which was in the main area. There wasn't that much to see and I was surprised that the usual stores like Urumi and Fantasiapelit wasn't to be seen anywhere. However, the obligatory sweet stand was there along with some second-hand sellers and some other peeps selling random geeky accessories and pins.

All photos taken by Shiro Samurai.

The sweet stand...
... and its merchandise part.
Main area, first floor.
One seller sold their old-school games. The nostalgia! <3

After properly checking out the Dealer's Hall first by myself and later with Hasakitsuki and after giving the game room a speed visit, we went upstairs to check out the Artist's Alley as well. Upstairs we met Firith who tagged along to the Artist's Alley with us.

Main area, second floor.
Artist's Alley. The stage was in the same area.

The vast majority of my con time went to chilling and hanging out with my buddies along with checking out what the con had to offer. There was this one panel that the majority of our group was interested in, but we missed it as it started as soon as the con opened and we were late. Oh well, not a biggie. I spent the most time with Hasakitsuki and Firith as I kept bumping into them most of the time and they just tagged along to wherever I was heading. At one point the three of us decided to take a break and went to eat and sit at the cafeteria upstairs. I was the only one who didn't buy anything but we had a nice time. It was relaxing to sit for a while and talk casually. After sitting for around 10 minutes or so this one North Italy cosplayer and her friends found our table. These peeps felt like they'd been following us around the con as if they wanted to ask for a photo/talk but didn't dare to until they found us chilling in the cafeteria. The Italy cosplayer wanted some hug-themed photos with me as Germany and I found it kinda funny how their friends were like "C'mon do it, I know you want to! :DD" and pushed the Italy cosplayer gently, who was a bit shy and all that stuff. Of course I was up for the "hug photo" idea as I do get dem feels when the two characters hug each other in the series.

After that the photos were taken, the Italy cosplayer thanked me and asked if I was on any social media and I told them that I'm not, sadly. Oh well, no can do but I hope that they find my blog -I mentioned that I have one- if they ever want to get in touch with me. Before the Italy cosplayer left with their friends, they tried to say "Auf Wiedersehen" (it's like saying "see you around" in German) to me and I noticed that they were struggling to find the right words so I decided to help them out. It was so cute when the cosplayer thanked me for helping out and left soon after with their friends. This silly, yet super cute encounter made my con. I felt all warm and happy when they left somehow. How to describe this feeling? It's this feeling you get when someone has had an eye on your cosplay and looking at it from a distance -with you noticing/knowing it- and when this person finally muster some courage to seek you up and ask for a photo. The interesting part is that I had, ever since I saw that Italy cosplayer at the con, a feeling that they will search for me and talk with me/take photos. I was right. Cosplaying as Germany was a really good choice and it made me really happy too. As soon as I entered the Dealer's Hall for the first time, I heard congoers saying in the background as I walked by "Oh my God, Germany!" and one saying "Germany is my favorite character!" it just felt great to know that there are still character fans around, even at small cons for a series that has had its popularity period already.

Somewhere past 15:00 (local time) or so, our group decided to go and eat as we all were hungry. Some of us wanted to go to the local Subway and others to the Hesburger. I belonged to the burger people and I went to Hesburger together with Firith and Hasakitsuki. The rest of the group (including Sacchan's little brother Joni, who she went to pick up at one point) went to eat at Subway. The 3 of us walked to Hesburger and ordered whatever we wanted to chow down once we got to our destination and then... it happened. I don't know if this is coincidence or whatever but I mentally almost choke on my coke when I saw that the same Italy cosplayer whom we met at the cafeteria back at the con, came to the same place to eat as us and almost at the same time! Here one needs to know that Kemi has several food places near the central area, especially hamburger restaurants. I know that many congoers are cheap and all when it comes to food but I just find this creepy somehow, not in a bad way though. I must say that I didn't see them behind us as we walked to Hesburger. Back at the con I, Hasakitsuki and Firith waited at the entrance (we all had agreed to meet there before we split up) for the others and after some waiting with no one showing up, we all agreed to go and look around if we would bump into them elsewhere. I checked the Dealer's Hall and game room without results. Later we found them upstairs, Joni in the main area and the rest at Artist's Alley.

When there was about 1 hour left of the con the entire group dragged their asses downstairs and the remaining con hour was spent at the game room. Shiro Samurai used his final con time to play some Super Mario World on SNES while I and Firith watched him play. Even if I love the game with it being a big part of my childhood with other SNES titles, I didn't feel like playing at the con. I do enjoy watching others play surprisingly much actually, so I didn't even mind not playing in the end.

Game room. I appreciated it a lot that they used those old, fat televisions for the majority of the retro consoles.
Kitacon also had this creative room or whatever it's called in English, where you can draw, build puzzles and being overall nerdy and creative. I didn't spend time there while the most of my company was there at one point.

Creative room.
At one point during the day, I think it was somewhere around 13:00-14:30 Shiro Samurai and Firith wanted to have a pair photoshoot with their Fruits Basket cosplays, so I acted as their photographer. The photoshoot was rather quick as it was fairly cold outside but I was happy that I got at least a few decent photos taken within such a short time. After taking their photos, bro asked me if I wanted the so-called "cosplay proof photo" because well, I had a cosplay on after all. Of course I said "Yes" but I do plan to have a proper photoshoot of Germany some other time.


I'm aware that the character I cosplay in this post might wear details/symbols that can be offensive or emotionally unpleasant to others. I, as a guy with his heart and morals in the right place, just want to make it clear that I DO NOT support, agree with, believe in or have any other connections to the ideologies/beliefs that the character I'm cosplaying is representing. Readers, please keep in mind that what I'm wearing is JUST A COSTUME and shouldn't be taken as anything more than that. Thank you.

The uniform is actually more green than brown but the light made it look more brown.
When the clock had struck 18:00 Kitacon had officially ended. But our nerdy group stayed inside Sauvotalo for as long as it was possible until we really had to leave and go outdoors. You see, there had been some gasoline issues with Sacchan's poor Renault and we all got worried about the situation. Luckily everything went well in the end after some waiting outdoors and in a kiosk close by. We all arrived home safe and sound. Almost as soon as I came home together with Firith, I took a photo of the beautiful magnet that I bought from the con's Artist's Alley. It's so pretty and vibrant in its colors!

Before ending this post I want to thank everyone in our group for the company and well, goodnight peeps!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Kitacon 8 Cosplay Plans

Hallo all!

For quite some time ago I found out thanks to my bro that Kitacon will be held again, after their long silence. I was happy to find out that Kitacon is coming back as I enjoyed last year's Kitacon surprisingly much for being a local con. This year I'm going there with Sacchan (our driver), Hasakitsuki, Shiro Samurai and Firith, in other words, full car. Firith has wanted to come to the north for while now and he finally made it, yay!

Kitacon will be held in Sauvotalo that is located in the heart of Kemi, Finland, during the 29th October. I have no expectations of the con but I'd be really happy if the merchandise selection is similar to last year's and well, I go to local cons to hang out with my buddies anyway. Normally I don't bother to wear an actual cosplay to small cons but this time I decided to break that tradition. So this year at Kitacon you will see me as:

Germany from Hetalia.
I decided on Germany because I really want a proper photoshoot with him and because said cosplay is actually warm enough for me to wear during this time of the year. You see, the winter half year is approaching us northmen (no matter how much I protest!) and it gets gradually colder and colder as weeks go by and well, I don't want to freeze when I can look good in a uniform, haha ~

That's it for this post and see you guys around!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Lens Review: Beaucon Jewels Blue

Hello everyone.

It's been over a month since I posted my Tracon 11 summary and well, I feel like it's time for me to write something new again and today I actually felt like doing something productive or cosplay related. When afternoon came I took my lovely Beaucon Jewels Blue lenses with me and skedaddled my way to Shiro Samurai's place to review the lenses, while bro was still available to act as the photographer.

Photographer: Shiro Samurai

Lenses in their vial bottles.

All of the photos below are taken during a cloudy October afternoon somewhere around 15:20-15:45 local time.

One lens in. Notice enlargement.
Bathroom light.
Flash photo.
Corridor window.
Corridor light.
Staircase, yellow light.
Staircase, orange light. Natural light on the photos left, as there was a window to my left.
Indoors, storage room.
Outdoors, back against light.
Outdoors, facing light.
Here's a distance photo feat. outfit of the day.

Lens review:

Color: 10/10
I love how well these cover my natural color and how vibrant they are, even at a distance. Perfect for cosplay, if you ask me.
Comfort: 8/10
I have worn these for over 6+ hours at a convention and I had no issues with them. But it took around 5-8 minutes for my eyes to get used to them after inserting. I also want to mention that one of my lenses had a minor defect on the pattern. Luckily, this didn't reduce the comfort level.
Design: 8/10
Simple and stylish. I just love how the black outer ring adds more of an unnatural vibe to it.
Enlargement: 5/10
There is an enlargement in these but nothing too big. Looking good on my small eyes in other words.
Naturalness: 5/10
The pattern is more realistic than many other lens patterns that I've come across but since the colors are so bright and vibrant... well, it's kinda hard to believe that these are your natural eyes after all.
Opacity: 9/10
I was surprised at first how opaque and how well the blue covers my natural eye color but heck, I'm more than pleased! I love these!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Tracon 11 Summary

Yo all!

Tracon 11 has now passed us by for exactly a week ago as it was held during 3rd-4th September in Tampere, Finland. Tracon was a con that I looked a lot forward to and well, I enjoyed it too - despite suddenly losing my con hype during the event. I just don't know why I can't enjoy conventions like I did during 2010-2014, maybe I'm getting too old? Maybe I just need a serious break from them or perhaps I need to feel/experience something new again, who knows? Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy cosplaying but lately I've been more interested doing cosplay photoshoots than actually attending conventions. Anyway, this is my Tracon summary post so let's steer our imaginary car back to the right track again.

Before I move down to the actual con summary, I just want to quickly mention that I traveled down to southern Finland some days before the con, to spend time with Firith and his good friends. We all had a great time together! But when Tracon started to approach us, the two of us left towards Tampere on Friday the 2nd September. Once we arrived at Tampere, we went straight to Tampere-talo (con building) to take out our con ticket/crew badge in advance, as it was possible. I mean, why not? You get a few extra hours in Dreamland and don't need to worry about getting an early spot in the ever-growing-ticket-line the next day. The two of us slept at Gure's, a good friend of Firith's, who had recently gotten an apartment in Tampere. Thanks for the stay Gure and good luck with the apartment!


The -for me- long awaited, first day of Tracon finally dawned upon us and my trusty alarm woke me up at 8 in the morning (local time). I had no issues getting up as per usual, partly because I was so stocked up on finally debuting my Germany cosplay from Hetalia. The con opened its doors at 10:00 exactly and if I remember correctly, we got out of the apartment around 11 but we didn't head for the con just yet. Way before Tracon, perhaps even during Cosvision? I and Firith talked about visiting the Tulitikkutehdas (an abandoned building destroyed in a fire) in Tampere, to have a photoshoot there with our Italy and Germany cosplay. Since we were still interested to photoshoot at said location, we headed there first while the weather and our makeup was nice. We took the bus to the city and from the city we walked to our destination. It was a decent walk and man, it was hot in that uniform!

When we finally arrived at Tulitikkutehdas the three of us found out, to our unfortunate timing, that the building had been closed off as there was an airsoft game going on. We had no other choice than to walk past, give up on Tulitikkutehdas and photoshoot at the building just next to it. The close-by building had also been destroyed by flames back in the days and was in an equally bad condition. We sneaked in there but we only got one good photo taken, in my opinion. The two other photos below are from two other locations that we visited along the way while going back to Tampere city and later, Tracon.


I'm aware that the characters I cosplay in this post might wear details/symbols that can be offensive or emotionally unpleasant to others. I, as a guy with his heart and morals in the right place, just want to make it clear that I DO NOT support, agree with, believe in or have any other connections to the ideologies/beliefs that the characters I'm cosplaying is representing. Readers, please keep in mind that what I'm wearing is JUST A COSTUME and shouldn't be taken as anything more than that. Thank you.

Cosplayers: Frozen Angel (Germany) & Firith (North Italy)
Photographer: Gure
Photo editor: Shiro Samurai

Note: Those of you who dislikes/can't stand the pairing Germany x Italy (GerIta) please scroll past the photos below and keep on reading. I don't force you to watch the photos below. Thank you.

- I want to make it clear that I and Firith are just friends. We are good friends but just friends. Thank you for understanding -

I think the clock was somewhere around 13:00 to 14:30 when we reached Tampere-talo. We had walked through the city to find our way back to Tracon and I surely didn't mind the sightseeing at all, Tampere is a beautiful city! But I gotta say that I was very surprised that I didn't have -or at least I didn't notice- anyone looking at me the wrong way or giving me that negative "what the hell?!"-look when they saw me dressed the way I was. I was mentally prepared to get some shit, seriously. Then again, I think Tampere and its citizens are pretty used to have colorful and weirdly dressed people around this time of the year by now. I mean, this year was the 11th time when Tracon was held.

Back at the con, I and Firith went to speed check what the con had to offer, so we went to check out the Artist's Alley and the Dealer's Hall. At Tracon 2014 the Artist's Alley was in the second floor (if I recall correctly) but this year, it was in the corridor area just before you enter the Dealer's Hall area. I think this was a good location change for the Artist's Alley, as now they were in a more frequently visited and easier place to find them at. Back in 2014, the narikka (the place where one can leave their luggages, bags etc. at the con) had this corridor area. This year there was no Artist's Alley seller that had anything that tingled my fancy but Firith bought a gorgeous crystal themed necklace from Purple Octopus' table. Funnily enough, we actually spent more time at the Artist's Alley than in the Dealer's Hall during Saturday. The outdoor area was similar to the previous events. For example, there was a tent for different fandom meets, the boffer area and a few food wagons here and there, if I recall correctly, as I didn't take a closer look at the wagons. Just like back in 2014, the candy wagon had found its spot again into Tracon's big outdoor area. They were selling regular candies, chocolate and of course the well-known and loved "metrilaku" (one meter long cable candy) that you can only buy at markets up here, as far as I know. I was tempted to fetch a few, but I didn't in the end. I spent the most of Saturday together with Firith and Trixena, a friend of Firith whom I met for the first time at Cosvision. Somewhere around 15:30 or so, I and Trixena went to a Subway near the con area as we both felt like bread, meanwhile Firith stayed at the con to scout for the room where he was supposed to have his Hetalia panel.

Soon after that I and Trixena returned from Subway, Firith went to eat at the second floor, close to the Maid Café, where the other con volunteers, panel holders and other crew members went to eat. I waited outside for him while I had one person asking for a photo of my cosplay and two giving me a hug. It was uplifting to know that there are still character fans out there, even if the series has had its peak when I started cosplaying. When Firith had finished his meal, we went outdoors and there we bumped into Trixena again, who asked if we were interested to go and watch the Harry Potter meet starting at 17:00 in the meet-up tent close by. With both Trixena and Firith being Potterheads, I just tagged along thinking "Why not?". Harry Potter has some nostalgic value to me and if luck was on my side, I might run into my good friend Pumpkin there. I did and it was really nice to talk to them again! It's been so long, 2 flippin' years man!

I don't know for how long we talked but I, Firith and Pumpkin talked for a while. When the clock started to close in on 19:00, the two of us had to leave and start moving indoors as Firith's Hetalia panel started at that time. Even if it was Firith's panel, I was a bit nervous too as we had agreed on doing an in-character act in the very beginning of the panel. To our surprise, around 40 persons attended the Hetalia panel which was a positive thing for us; knowing that the AMV competition was held during the same time. For the panel I and Firith had planned a silly in-character act in the very beginning of the panel, so I was also a bit nervous when stepping inside Sonaatti 2 (the room) and planting my ass in the first row of chairs. The panel was a success and it seemed like the audience enjoyed it a lot, as did I. For those interested, the panel went through topics such as how well the Hetalia characters represent the actual nations and how accurately it goes through historical events during WW1 and WW2 and what is seen in the anime and what is not, shortly put. I know that the panel was filmed by the Tracon crew and if I ever get a video link to it and get the permission to upload it here, I'll do it.

Shortly after the panel, I and Firith hit a chat with one of the more talk-active panel attendants who cosplayed Fem!Germany. After our interesting chat, we left Tracon for the day. Both I and Firith were really tired after the bus trip and we were also more interested to explore Tampere city than to stay at the con. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this summary, we had barely any con hype during Tracon.


My alarm rang at 08:30 and soon afterwards, while I was putting on my Prussia (Hetalia) cosplay, it suddenly hit me that the last day of Tracon 2016 was already upon us! I know that Tracon is a 2-day con but Sunday always comes as some kind of "realization chock" for me, I guess I'm too used to conventions being either 3 or 4 days, hah. Knowing that Tracon closes at 17:00, it did stress me up a bit as I was worrying if I will have time to properly check everything that I either skipped or didn't check properly on Saturday. If I remember correctly I and Firith (this time without Gure) left for the con somewhere past 10:00. I got my costume on smoothly, save for the left lens that just didn't want to stay in my eye. Oh yeah! I was also really happy to find out that my Geo Color Nine Deep Red lenses didn't have any kind of comfort drop since I used them the last time. I wore them for some hours during the day and no problems at all. Ahahaha, I can keep my eye-babies a bit longer, yes! <3

This year the Tracon con band was yellow. Photo taken at Gure's apartment by me.
I and Firith took the local bus again to the con from Gure's and as soon as we arrived at Tampere-talo, I pulled out my camera and reminded myself to take all the con photos during the day. Yeah, I had skipped the photographer's role during the entire Saturday as I just couldn't focus on it properly. Shortly put; my whole Saturday went more or less to keep track of time and my friends, whenever I lost them. So Sunday became some kind of "check out everything properly" and "take all the photos!" day for me, lol. Anyway, here are some location photos of Tracon 2016 taken by me and my will-do-but-not-the-best camera.

Tampere-talo front entrance.
Indoors as soon as you enter.
When I and Firith got inside, we went straight off to the Dealer's Hall as there was this one seller that I wanted to check out. Said seller whose table I wanted to take a peek at, was this one Japanese guy who is mostly selling Asian candies. I and my usual con company always visits his table whenever he is around. My friends asked me to check if he had specific candies/sweets that they wanted and I checked, but the seller didn't have them, sadly. The Dealer's Hall had the usual Finnish anime/manga merchandise sellers like Urumi and Omoi, together with manga pocket sellers such as Fantasiapelit and Sangatsu manga. There was of course some tables selling geeky t-shirts, hats and accessories and more. Bard & Jester also had their table up and from them, I bought a dark blue military cap for a future cosplay. Below are 3 photos of the Dealer's Hall area, enjoy!

Corridor view when you leave the Dealer's Hall. Notice Artist's Alley at both sides.
Somewhere around noon or afternoon, Firith and a friend of his felt like fetching a cup of coffee and since I happened to be a bit hungry myself; I decided to tag along wherever they planned to go - which ended up being the Maid Café upstairs on the second floor. I've only been to a Maid Café once before and even if it's one of the most unlikely places on earth to find me at, I did enjoy it. At the café I ordered a cream soda drink (which contained lemon flavored ramune with ice cream) and a cheesecake with matcha scattered on top of it. It was good but pricey and Maid Café is a bit of an experience in itself. It's different and cute in it's own way and this is coming from someone who don't exactly like cute things.

My order. Yes, the cream soda drink is green.
After that we left the Maid Café, I and Firith just walked around and enjoyed the remaining hours of Tracon 2016. Sadly I don't have photos of the con's outdoor area this time, because idiot-me didn't realize to shut down the camera every time I was done taking a photo. In other words; a lot of the camera's battery time was wasted. Sorry for this. At one point somewhere around 15-16 I lost Firith and his pals, as I went to look after some cosplayers that I wanted a photo of. When I was done, I went back to search after my lost pals whom I couldn't see anywhere indoors after going back and forth between the main area and the Dealer's Hall more than 4 times. Ouch, my feet. Soon after that I had enough of walking back and forth without seeing the familiar faces, I called Firith and asked where he was. He and his friends had been outdoors all the time photoshooting his cosplay and at that moment, I felt stupid for not checking the outdoor area. Why? Because I knew that he planned to photoshoot his cosplay and it completely escaped my mind when I was on my search tour. Well done me, well done. I found them quickly and meanwhile I waited for Firith to be done with his photoshoot, I took my time to rest my legs on the bench just next to them. Since Firith and his friend had started the photoshoot a while ago, I didn't need to wait that long for them to finish. Soon after the photoshoot and before the two of us headed towards the bus station, I demanded photo proof that I actually wore a costume on Sunday. Because heck, I could actually be bothered for once. Oh and the cap on the photos below is the one that I bought from the Dealer's Hall.

Cosplayer: Frozen Angel (Prussia)
Photographer: Firith
Photo editor: Shiro Samurai

We took the local bus to get ourselves closer to Tampere's bus station, which wasn't exactly close to Tampere-talo. Even if we took the bus closer to the bus station, we still ended up walking a bit to get to our destination. Our bus back to Firith's home region arrived at 18:20 and I took the train back to the north on the following Monday, as I didn't want to stress with the trains as soon as the con had ended. I came safely back to my hometown and had a pleasant trip.

Before heading to bed and ending this summary, I'd like to thank my con company and you peeps for reading this shit. But for now, Gute Nacht! ~

Friday, September 2, 2016

Germany Preview

Hello geeks!

Tracon is very soon here and before I go there tomorrow with my friends Firith and Gure, I want to throw in a preview of my soon-to-be-debuted Germany cosplay. I just want to make sure that everything looks the way it should and I'm especially thinking about my newly opened Beaucon Jewels Blue contact lenses. These lenses look like they be the perfect fit for the character -if going after pattern design- and now when I finally tried them on, I have to say that they are indeed a perfect fit for Germany! I absolutely love them! I was afraid that they would be too big and look freak-ish or weird on me, as I have small eyes. For this preview, I only applied the eyeliner when it comes to makeup, as I used a brown one instead of my usual black liquid one. My reason for picking the brown eyeliner is because I wanted to go for a more natural/realistic look for the character.

Anyway, here are a few preview photos of my Germany cosplay. Los geht's! ~


I'm aware that the character I cosplay in this post might wear details/symbols that can be offensive or emotionally unpleasant to others. I, as a guy with his heart and morals in the right place, just want to make it clear that I DO NOT support, agree with, believe in or have any other connections to the ideologies/beliefs that the character I'm cosplaying is representing. Readers, please keep in mind that what I'm wearing is JUST A COSTUME and shouldn't be taken as anything more than that. Thank you.

Cosplayer: Frozen Angel (Germany)
Photographer: Firith

Before closing this post, I'd like to thank Hasakitsuki's amazingly talented mother from the bottom of my heart, who made this costume for me. I have no words to describe how satisfied and how happy I am with it, really! Merci beaucoup! <3

That's all for this time and next up is the Tracon summary!

Frozen Angel out.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Tracon 11 Cosplay Plans

Hallo folks!

Tracon is getting within reach and my hype is soon all over the place as well, haha. You see, I've been longing and hyping for the con ever since last year, when I had to skip it as I couldn't make it economically. It felt bad to skip the con of the year that I always hype the most about but this time, things will be different. During the end of July, Sacchan and Shiro Samurai left for Närcon while I decided to stay home and wait for Tracon to hit the shores instead. The thing was that the three of us could only afford one big convention during the year and well, we had to make our choice. For me it was an easy pick to break the traveling tradition and solo towards Tracon this time, as I'm highly sceptical of Närcon and where the con is heading; while Tracon has always been an equally pleasant and enjoyable experience year after year. But yeah, you guys came here for my cosplay plans so let's move down to that, shall we?

So what I wanted to say with the text above is that this time I will travel all by myself *insert song here* down to southern Finland and attend Tracon held in Tampere, during the 3rd-4th September. When it comes down to my cosplay plans, the Saturday cosplay has been set in stone ever since I spoke with Firith during Cosvision back in April. But the Sunday cosplay was much more difficult for me to decide upon, but in the end -actually just a few days ago- I finally managed to pin it down and now I'm ready to reveal what I will roll as! Here we go!


Germany from Hetalia.
Alright, where to start? First off, Germany is my favorite character from the entire series by far and I just love his humour and personality, period. I and Firith had agreed during Cosvision that we just had to cosplay Germany and Italy at our next convention, after laughing our asses off to our hilarious in-character differences back then. He managed to get Gure (a good friend of his) interested to join our duo so that it became a trio, yay! Let's just say that Firith will literally be testing my nerves the moment he puts on his North Italy cosplay because he can imitate the character really well, loves pasta and is unstructured while I'm an extreme neatfreak who flips if he hears too many "Pastaaaaa~" or "Doitsu!" during a day. So in other words, guess whose in-character temperament is going to be tested while they try to keep their pokerface and shit together? xD

Oh and of course the two of us agreed on this in-character shit, so no worries peeps. We know each others limits and we respect them greatly too.


Prussia from Hetalia.
As mentioned above, I really had a hard time to decide who to cosplay on Sunday. For months I kept going back and forth between 4 possible cosplay candidates and I just couldn't decide. A few days ago I finally put aside two of the characters and asked Firith who he would want to see me as, out of the two remaining ones and his answer was Prussia. I don't mind cosplaying Prussia as I had a lot of fun cosplaying him at Närcon Vinter and later Cosvision. Besides, as a Sunday cosplay, I strongly preferred a character without a weapon and I'd be happy to use my red lenses one more time before saying goodbye to them. To my surprise, I came to like my GEO Color Nine Deep Red lenses way more than I first expected and I'm seriously considering getting them again for Prussia in the future.

Yeah, I know I'm Hetalia trash now with these cosplay plans so shut it :DD