Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cosplay Nickname Change!

Hello everyone!

Ever since summer last year I've been seriously considering changing my cosplay nickname here on my blog. Why I'm changing the nickname is because I want my blog to be more international -as I plan to cosplay abroad- and make it easier to pronounce/remember for non-Finnish people. All in all, I just want to make my cosplay blog easier to access for my future international readers and followers.

To my non-Finnish readers, the meaning of my nickname stays the same aka "Frozen Angel". Those of you who have mentioned me in your blogs etc as Jäätynyt Enkeli in the past, don't need to update the name, unless you really want to.

This is what will change and what will remain the same:

1) My blog/cosplay nickname will change from Jäätynyt Enkeli to Frozen Angel. Please refer to me as Frozen Angel from now on.

2) All links to myself as Jäätynyt Enkeli done in the past on this blog, will be updated with my new nickname.

3) My blog's url address will stay as

4) The blog's watermark logo that can be seen on photos will remain as it is. I want the url address to go along with the name on the watermark.

Bye bye everyone!

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