Monday, January 18, 2016

Lens Review: GEO Color Nine Deep Red

Hello everyone and welcome back!

A new year has approached us and many cosplayers know that a new year means funny stuff like new cons, chance to meet your friends, planning new cosplays and so much more including new derp photos! Myself, I'm really excited about 2016 and it feels really nice to already have the next con's cosplay ready for debut - but I won't reveal the character just yet. The only hint I will give for now is that the character has red eyes, why I will be reviewing the GEO Color Nine Deep Red lenses. Man, I've been waiting to try these babies on for a while now!

So during Saturday last week, I waddled my way to Shiro Samurai's place (Sacchan was also there) and as soon as I got there, I changed to my lens review gear, put the lenses on and SBÖÖÖR was heard.

Photographer: Shiro Samurai

Lenses in vials.

Notice the lenses color change when in different light.
All of the photos below are taken during a cloudy January day. We northmen don't have many hours of sunlight during the winter half of the year. During January we have around 5 hours per day, so the sun rises around 09:00 and sets around 14:00. All photos are also taken at Shiro Samurai's place. We started taking photos around 11:00.

One lens in.
Facing window.
Flash photo.
Bathroom light.
White light.
Yellow light.
Outdoors, back against light.
Outdoors, facing light.
Distance picture.
Close-up on the eyes.
Lens review:

Color: 10/10 
I love these to the moon and back! The color is really opaque!
Comfort: 8/10
I had them on for about 5 h and 30 minutes. At first I felt them in my eyes but the longer I wore them, the less I felt them. I bet I can wear them a full con day. No scratching or any other annoyance.
Design: 7/10
Simple and fairly natural design. I personally enjoy natural looking lenses.
Enlargement: 3/10
Barely any noticeable enlargement and that's for the better in my case, as I have small eyes.
Naturalness: 1/10 
If you think these lenses look natural you really need a reality check. Seriously.
Opacity: 7/10 
As mentioned above, they are really opaque and cover your real eye color very well.


  1. Red lenses are so damn awesome and these look badass on you! Thanks for the review bro!

  2. Thanks for reviewing. I love red lenses but I'm having problems with finding some with smaller diameters. These seem promising! :)