Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cosvision 2016 Cosplay Plans

Hello geeks!

My next con for the year will be Cosvision - a con held in Finland at different locations every second year since 2014. First time, Cosvision was held in Turku and I didn't attend it but Shiro Samurai did; something I came to regret afterwards after hearing from him what of a successful event it was. This time, I'm going to Cosvision and I'm, of course, not traveling there alone.

I will travel southwards together with Sacchan (who will be driving) and my bro, Shiro Samurai. Originally Ronya was supposed to join our trio to Hämeenlinna -where the con is held- but things got in the way for her, sadly. At Hämeenlinna, our carpool company will meet Firith, the last person in our con group and the strongest reason for me to attend the con. Dammit, I've been missing his company beyond words since Desucon Frostbite 2015, which feels like forever ago! ;__;

Now to my cosplay plans. At Cosvision I will cosplay the following:


Prussia from Hetalia.
Way before the con, I spoke with Firith and we both agreed on to cosplay from Hetalia on Saturday. We just had way too much fun cosplaying from it at Frostbite 2015 and so we had to team up again! It's lovely when you find someone who loves the series and has the same mentality as you do, especially when you cringe at the fandom. This time I will be Prussia and he will be 2p!France.

Let's see if I have time to make that one small change to the costume that bothered me since the end of Närcon Vinter this year. Anyway, can't wait to pair cosplay again! <3


Original Casual!Luka Crosszeria from The Betrayal Knows My Name.
It's time to cosplay the handsome Luka Crosszeria again! Man, I've been waiting to carry that massive sword around and look badass while doing it! This demon guy was an easy pick for my Sunday cosplay after that I went through all of my "cos-able" characters. I wanted something easy and comfortable since I'll be traveling back -likely in cosplay gear- on Sunday; but at the same time I wanted something that is not too "boring" to look at because well, Cosvision is an event focusing on cosplay after all.

That's it for these plans and see you at Cosvision!

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