Monday, April 11, 2016

Lens Review: EOS Pop.C Light Gray

Hello everyone!

On Sunday the 3rd April, I decided that it was finally time for me to put on and try out my next pair of lenses, namely the Pop.C Light Gray! My reason for opening these is because I will need them for a cosplay that I will wear at my next con, which is soon. Seeing myself reviewing gray lenses this time feels kinda funny in a way. Want to know why? You see, back in 2013 when I started using circle lenses for cosplay, gray was that one color I wouldn't even think about buying simply because I have naturally gray-ish green eyes. Back then, I just found it pointless to buy lenses of the same eye color as your natural one(s). This is why I only bought lenses for characters who had either an unnatural eye color or for those I wanted to cosplay as accurately as I possibly could, while being the way I am. I was cheap and narrow-minded, I admit.
Today, I'm gonna review the Pop.C Light Gray lenses as I have come to realize -as a cosplayer who loves photoshoots- how much lenses can actually add to a costume, despite being a small part of the costume itself. But now, it's time for the lens review. Let's go!

As per usual I biked my ass towards Shiro Samurai's place and when I got there, I put on the lenses and somewhere around 18:00 we went outside to take the photos. I'm so happy that the summer half year is finally here, I've been so sick of the northern polar nights lately. Summer time means extended hours of daylight and that means more hours for cosplay fun outdoors. Win-win.

Photographer: Shiro Samurai

The bottles my lenses came in.

The batch of photos below are all taken at bro's during a semi cloudy but still sunny April evening around 18:30.

One lens in.
Facing window.
Bathroom light.
Flash photo.
White corridor light.
Yellow light.
Back against sun, outdoors.
Facing sun, outdoors.
As per usual I will end this lens review with the distance -aka outfit of the day- photo! This should be a given to my readers/followers by now.

Man, it took a while to get a decent photo with that sun shining so bright.
Lens review:

Color: 7/10 
The color is there and the black ring gives a nice add to the gray.
Comfort: 7/10
At first I thought that my right lens was defective as it felt like I had shampoo in the eye when I wore it. Luckily, this went away when I rinsed the lens and put it back in. The longer I wore these, the more comfortable they got. My eyes got quickly used to them too and I didn't feel them anymore after just a hour or two. I wore them from 18:00 to 21:00 before I decided to take them off for the day. No discomfort.
Design: 6/10
These are cool but not quite my preference. The black outer ring is what makes me enjoy them.
Enlargement: 5/10
There is a small but noticeable enlargement. However, it still looks good on my small eyes.
Naturalness: 5/10 
Gray is a natural eye color but these still "pop" at you, especially when you're close to the wearer, thanks to the enlargement and design. I don't think that these are very noticeable if seen from a distance though.
Opacity: 6/10 
Their color covers my naturally gray-ish green eyes and does a good job on it. Color is opaque.


  1. It's kinda funny because I used to think like that too. I started off with only prioritizing lenses for chars with unnatural colors like violet, red and gold. Later on I went for more natural colors but I still thought that if the character's eye color was blue or gray then I wouldn't bother because that's what my own eye color is, lol. Nowadays I use lenses for all my cosplays and yeah, I have a loooot of especially blue pairs, oops.

    Regarding the comfort though, did you take them off because they felt dry or just because you were going to sleep or something like that? Would be nice to know since 3 hours is not that long of a time. :)

    1. I remember you told me that when we started with lenses, we seemingly had the same thoughts then.

      I took them off because I would be heading home around that time, not because they were dry. I would have otherwise mentioned if I had issues with them :)