Monday, June 20, 2016

Kummacon 2016 Summary

Hello all.

On Thursday the 16th, Shiro Samurai and Sacchan told me that they wanted to visit Kummacon in Oulu, Finland and they asked me if I wanted to tag along. I gave it some thought at first and later it was a "Yes" from my part, as I had no other plans for that Friday. The con was held during the 17th-18th June but the three of us agreed to visit the con only on its first day, aka the Friday. We all had been curious about the con when we heard about it for the first time and it was nice that we, in the end, decided to visit Kummacon. So yes, this con summary à la Kummacon covers only the con's Friday. Please keep that in mind when reading, as I can't speak for the con's Saturday.

Oh and yes, I didn't post any cosplay plans for Kummacon because I simply couldn't be bothered to cosplay there. Reasons? Heavy rain and we had a maximum of 4 hours to spend at the con including that I got a really short notice time before leaving. But hey, now to the summary!

Alright. So Sacchan and Shiro Samurai dropped by my place during Friday the 17th somewhere past 15:00 (Finnish time) and after that I jumped into the car not literally we hit the road towards Kummacon in Oulu. The ride took us roughly about one hour and I was surprised that the heavy rain that accompanied us during the whole ride, suddenly stopped when we arrived at Oulu. This was the second time Kummacon was held and this time, the event was located at Pohjankartano; in other words, the same building that Chibicon was in a few years ago. One can say that I felt a bit nostalgic to see that familiar building again, hehe.

We located Pohjankartano surprisingly fast with the help of a navigator along with a good parking spot for Sacchan's Renault really close to the con building. Somewhere around 17:00 local time we had arrived and it was clearly noticeable that we had arrived during the later half of the con day as the outdoor area was silent. I didn't mind -it's a small and new con after all- so the three of us took a quick look around and went indoors. Indoors the con was quiet as well, what struck me first -aside from the silence and few colorful attendants here and there- was that Kummacon had left the entire main area of the building unused. Back in the days, Chibicon had the Dealer's Hall in the main area and in my opinion, it fit perfectly and made the small con instantly more lively as you entered the building. Kummacon had decided to have their Dealer's Hall and second-hand sellers to the left of the entrance and leave the entire right half of Pohjankartano unused, making it feel more like some sort of relax and chilling area. Which is also good, if you just want to just talk with your friends and stay away from all the noise that comes from the other direction.

All photos taken by Shiro Samurai.

Kummacon sign.
Main area seen from the second floor.
Main area.
After taking a look around the main area and the second floor together with my company, we headed downstairs again realizing that everything the con had to offer was indeed located on the building's other side. We headed towards the sellers and we found the well-known Fantasiapelit and Urumi's table along with some other sellers, including ones that sold western comics and books.

Second-hand sellers.
Part of Urumi's table.
I was considering buying that Toothless plushie at first but later decided not to. He's so cute though!
Urumi also sold ramune. Notice those One Piece and Dragon Ball themes ones.

Part of Fantasiapelit's pocket collection.
When we had seen what each of the sellers had to offer we walked into a small room to our right after that we passed the last seller's table. That room took us to the con's Artist's Alley and of course, we checked it out too. We noticed quickly that most of the sellers sold prints and stickers while a few others sold self-made items such as magnets and bags. There was around 6-8 sellers I believe, and not all of them were there when we arrived. Our trio ended discussing some... well, interesting topics (mostly Sacchan and Shiro Samurai, though) when they browsed through what the sellers had to offer and thus, we spent some time inside the creative room. I didn't find anything that tickled my fancy but Shiro Samurai bought 2 cute doggie stickers from this one seller, one for himself and the other one for Sacchan, if I recall correctly. I would have bought from them too, if they had my favorite breed. They had said breed on their "to do" list for coming doggie stickers and since they'll be coming to Tracon -where I'm also heading- I'll be on the lookout for their creative table once at the con.

We struck the chat with these three peeps! :D

There is not so much more to say about Kummacon, it's one of those small cons with a relaxed and calm atmosphere with a "hang with your friends" feel all over it. For me, the few hours we spent at the con was just enough to see everything there was to see on Friday and not get bored. I'm happy with the visit and I hope that Kummacon uses the main area of the building for something nice in their future cons, as this area alone adds a lot to the livelier con atmosphere, somehow. I personally find Pohjankartano to be an ideal location to host a con in, as it has the con feel to it, is roomy with good air circulation and is close to the city of Oulu. I would just love to see Kummacon stay at Pohjankartano and grow there!

Oh yeah! When we entered the main area and when I saw that small group of Hetalia cosplayers, I have to admit that I had a small case of regret for not cosplaying from the series myself -as I originally planned to- but oh well, no can do. Before we left Pohjankartano behind us, Shiro Samurai ordered a food called hohot from a stand just next to the con's entrance. I thought about trying it at first too but when I realized how seldom I tend to like so-called traditional Asian food, I decided to have burgers later with the company. Shiro Samurai finished his hohot cup in the car and we started driving towards our hometown again. Along the way we decided to stop by at Kärkkäinen, a shopping center with a few restaurants, gasoline station and a bigger store selling pretty much everything save for food articles. At Kärkkäinen our company had burgers at Hesburger and we visited the store on the go as well, from where I bought a toy for my future dog, a figurine of said breed I plan to get and well, 2 kg of "dog biscuits". Yeah, I and bro bought candy and the thing is that the label says "dog biscuits" in Finnish and the whole fun is that, this is an actual error from the store. The weight number for candy was number 1 according to the poster at the store, so I pressed said number and the machine printed out a label saying "dog biscuits" and I didn't even realize this until I was sitting in the car; where I burst out in laughter and just had to ask bro if he got the same thing! He did! No wonder the purchase felt cheaper than it should have for me and hell, what is there to complain about when I saved 2,30 € per kilo? I'm a happy dog now, woof woof! ~

Photo proof! Photographer: Frozen Angel.
The remaining ride from Kärkkäinen to mine and bro's hometown went smoothly and safely. Big thanks to Sacchan for giving us a ride to Kummacon and for the derp company as per usual! When I came home, I just put away my stuff and crashed in the bed as I have been so beat lately.

That's all for my Kummacon visit. See you next time!

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