Saturday, August 13, 2016

Tracon 11 Cosplay Plans

Hallo folks!

Tracon is getting within reach and my hype is soon all over the place as well, haha. You see, I've been longing and hyping for the con ever since last year, when I had to skip it as I couldn't make it economically. It felt bad to skip the con of the year that I always hype the most about but this time, things will be different. During the end of July, Sacchan and Shiro Samurai left for Närcon while I decided to stay home and wait for Tracon to hit the shores instead. The thing was that the three of us could only afford one big convention during the year and well, we had to make our choice. For me it was an easy pick to break the traveling tradition and solo towards Tracon this time, as I'm highly sceptical of Närcon and where the con is heading; while Tracon has always been an equally pleasant and enjoyable experience year after year. But yeah, you guys came here for my cosplay plans so let's move down to that, shall we?

So what I wanted to say with the text above is that this time I will travel all by myself *insert song here* down to southern Finland and attend Tracon held in Tampere, during the 3rd-4th September. When it comes down to my cosplay plans, the Saturday cosplay has been set in stone ever since I spoke with Firith during Cosvision back in April. But the Sunday cosplay was much more difficult for me to decide upon, but in the end -actually just a few days ago- I finally managed to pin it down and now I'm ready to reveal what I will roll as! Here we go!


Germany from Hetalia.
Alright, where to start? First off, Germany is my favorite character from the entire series by far and I just love his humour and personality, period. I and Firith had agreed during Cosvision that we just had to cosplay Germany and Italy at our next convention, after laughing our asses off to our hilarious in-character differences back then. He managed to get Gure (a good friend of his) interested to join our duo so that it became a trio, yay! Let's just say that Firith will literally be testing my nerves the moment he puts on his North Italy cosplay because he can imitate the character really well, loves pasta and is unstructured while I'm an extreme neatfreak who flips if he hears too many "Pastaaaaa~" or "Doitsu!" during a day. So in other words, guess whose in-character temperament is going to be tested while they try to keep their pokerface and shit together? xD

Oh and of course the two of us agreed on this in-character shit, so no worries peeps. We know each others limits and we respect them greatly too.


Prussia from Hetalia.
As mentioned above, I really had a hard time to decide who to cosplay on Sunday. For months I kept going back and forth between 4 possible cosplay candidates and I just couldn't decide. A few days ago I finally put aside two of the characters and asked Firith who he would want to see me as, out of the two remaining ones and his answer was Prussia. I don't mind cosplaying Prussia as I had a lot of fun cosplaying him at Närcon Vinter and later Cosvision. Besides, as a Sunday cosplay, I strongly preferred a character without a weapon and I'd be happy to use my red lenses one more time before saying goodbye to them. To my surprise, I came to like my GEO Color Nine Deep Red lenses way more than I first expected and I'm seriously considering getting them again for Prussia in the future.

Yeah, I know I'm Hetalia trash now with these cosplay plans so shut it :DD

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  1. Our in-character differences tho... xD
    Can't wait for Tracon, wee~!