Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Kitacon 8 Cosplay Plans

Hallo all!

For quite some time ago I found out thanks to my bro that Kitacon will be held again, after their long silence. I was happy to find out that Kitacon is coming back as I enjoyed last year's Kitacon surprisingly much for being a local con. This year I'm going there with Sacchan (our driver), Hasakitsuki, Shiro Samurai and Firith, in other words, full car. Firith has wanted to come to the north for while now and he finally made it, yay!

Kitacon will be held in Sauvotalo that is located in the heart of Kemi, Finland, during the 29th October. I have no expectations of the con but I'd be really happy if the merchandise selection is similar to last year's and well, I go to local cons to hang out with my buddies anyway. Normally I don't bother to wear an actual cosplay to small cons but this time I decided to break that tradition. So this year at Kitacon you will see me as:

Germany from Hetalia.
I decided on Germany because I really want a proper photoshoot with him and because said cosplay is actually warm enough for me to wear during this time of the year. You see, the winter half year is approaching us northmen (no matter how much I protest!) and it gets gradually colder and colder as weeks go by and well, I don't want to freeze when I can look good in a uniform, haha ~

That's it for this post and see you guys around!

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