Friday, October 14, 2016

Lens Review: Beaucon Jewels Blue

Hello everyone.

It's been over a month since I posted my Tracon 11 summary and well, I feel like it's time for me to write something new again and today I actually felt like doing something productive or cosplay related. When afternoon came I took my lovely Beaucon Jewels Blue lenses with me and skedaddled my way to Shiro Samurai's place to review the lenses, while bro was still available to act as the photographer.

Photographer: Shiro Samurai

Lenses in their vial bottles.

All of the photos below are taken during a cloudy October afternoon somewhere around 15:20-15:45 local time.

One lens in. Notice enlargement.
Bathroom light.
Flash photo.
Corridor window.
Corridor light.
Staircase, yellow light.
Staircase, orange light. Natural light on the photos left, as there was a window to my left.
Indoors, storage room.
Outdoors, back against light.
Outdoors, facing light.
Here's a distance photo feat. outfit of the day.

Lens review:

Color: 10/10
I love how well these cover my natural color and how vibrant they are, even at a distance. Perfect for cosplay, if you ask me.
Comfort: 8/10
I have worn these for over 6+ hours at a convention and I had no issues with them. But it took around 5-8 minutes for my eyes to get used to them after inserting. I also want to mention that one of my lenses had a minor defect on the pattern. Luckily, this didn't reduce the comfort level.
Design: 8/10
Simple and stylish. I just love how the black outer ring adds more of an unnatural vibe to it.
Enlargement: 5/10
There is an enlargement in these but nothing too big. Looking good on my small eyes in other words.
Naturalness: 5/10
The pattern is more realistic than many other lens patterns that I've come across but since the colors are so bright and vibrant... well, it's kinda hard to believe that these are your natural eyes after all.
Opacity: 9/10
I was surprised at first how opaque and how well the blue covers my natural eye color but heck, I'm more than pleased! I love these!

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  1. I'm surprised how well the blue ones show up! :O I thought the violet and brown that I had were more subtle but the blue pair really stands out and has a good color vibrancy too. Such a pretty lens!