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Future Cosplays - Game Characters! Part.2

Hello all.

My bro, Shiro Samurai, recently wrote a part 2 post about game characters that he want to cosplay someday and said post got me surprisingly motivated and inspired to liven up my blog -again- by making one of these continued "very likely to cosplay someday" posts myself. I enjoy writing about why I choose the cosplay candidates I choose and sharing my plans with my readers and followers, just makes me happy! So here I am again, ready to reveal more game characters both old and new, from my cosplay list that I want to cosplay someday in the future. Enjoy!

Psst, if any of my friends have had in mind to cosplay from the same series listed below, let me know! I'm much more likely to do a character earlier if a friend want to do a pair/group cosplay!


Characters that was on the previous lists (here, here and here) won't be re-listed below. Also the characters on this list are in no specific order.
Character: Z1 (Leberecht Maass)
Series: Kantai Collection

I will start this list with a character that fooled me at first - Z1 (also known as Leberecht Maass) from Kantai Collection, an online browser game. First time when I saw this cutie I thought it was a guy... unless it hit me afterwards that all kinds of ships have always been referred to as feminine. Yes, Z1 is another crossplay on the list for me after my other KanColle candidate. I should be able to stay within my comfort zone while crossplaying, as her design isn't as feminine as many others but heck, do I need to do something about the length of that uniform! I'm not that keen on showing my underwear to the world but at least I have some boat armor sensors if that would ever happen, lol. Sometimes I take a liking to cute characters but this pretty much only happens if they are badass or a trap, with Z1 being both a trap and a battleship of mass destruction! Hell yeah! :D

Character: Terra
Series: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

From the main trio in Birth by Sleep consisting of Terra, Aqua and Ventus I took the strongest liking to Terra but I liked all of the main characters. Terra has the simplest design out of the trio but the one that also spoke the most to me - I love the color scheme as I'm a sucker for designs with black & red together! I found Terra to be the most interesting character out of the cast as he has both light and darkness in his heart, which makes him feel more human/real in my opinion. The final battle of Terra's story was just so much feels and I had the hardest time with his boss battles too (I played the game on Hard, mind you). Now when I have played through 2 different Kingdom Hearts games, I have come to understand why so many out there love the Kingdom Hearts games. Man, it's one of those very few games out there that has such an emotionally packed and moving story that it even moved me to tears! And I tell you, I cry very seldom during movies or games. Oh and about the Keyblade, I'm very likely to do the one called "Chaos Ripper" because as soon as I got said Keyblade in the game, I was in love with it both design-wise and how good it was. Yupp, I hacked my way through the rest of the game with the Chaos Ripper, never changing it until I beat the game save for the two optional extra final bosses.

Character: Honebami Toushirou
Series: Touken Ranbu

It might catch some of you by surprise that I knew about Touken Ranbu before I knew about Kantai Collection, after seeing 2 KanColle characters on my lists. This has to do with that Shiro Samurai found Touken Ranbu before I knew about any of the browser games and well, he couldn't just remain quiet after finding what he calls "sword boy hell" which doesn't surprise me at all, knowing how big of a fan he is of Japan and its older cultures. Touken Ranbu just like Kantai Collection, has a big variety of characters, so even if I don't really care all that much about kimono or typical Japanese clothing, I might find that one "non-Japanese clothing" guy there just to my liking. I went through Touken Ranbu's character list to see if anything would tickle my fancy there, as I knew that bro had characters he wanted to cosplay so I thought "Why not see if I can find at least one to my liking for the sake of a pair/group cosplay?" I did. It was Honebami Toushirou that ended up in my cosplay list after considering like 3 or 4 other characters. So why did I pick Honebami? Easy. First off, the character has about the same height as me, which is a plus as I've gotten some sour-ish comments regarding my height while in cosplay. I also like Honebami's color scheme surprisingly much and his hair color is interesting. Oh and I also have a thing with uniforms and his is no exception, they are cool... okay? <3

Character: Cecil Harvey
Version: Paladin
Series: Final Fantasy IV

Ah, good ol' Cecil who has been back and forth on my cosplay list for a few years now. I have finally decided to actually cosplay him after giving him some serious thought in the past. Those of you who have seen my first game characters post, knows that I want to do the spoony bard Edward Chris von Muir who is my favorite of the cast. Even if my heart belongs to Edward from the game, Cecil is a very lovable and amazing character too! He used to be a Dark Knight who is hated and feared by many in the early game, who after many trials and tragedies finds out who he truly is. Meanwhile traveling around the world, he finds out that everything he once served, believed in or knew is not what is seems - not even himself. Cecil is that very loveable, strong and caring character whose pain and confusion feels really real and the guy you end up just wishing the best for, meanwhile you advance the story. No matter how many times I've played through the game, the scene where Cecil transforms into a Paladin and faces his old-self as the Dark Knight and the events that follow, just gives me the feels every time! I once told myself "If I ever do a full body armor cosplay, I do Cecil Harvey's Paladin version" and here we are, guy finally ended up on my cosplay list. I just can't grasp it, why he hasn't had a solid spot earlier because the more I look at that armor the more I fall in love with it, it's gorgeous!

Character: Geralt of Rivia
Version: Manticore Armor
Series: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Okay, I admit I haven't played any of The Witcher games but I know about the game series. For example, I know what type of game it is and a little bit about the main characters, the games battle system and such. However, I have a really big interest to learn more about the games - either by playing it myself or watching someone play it. Yes, I actually enjoy watching others play games surprisingly much. I got introduced to The Witcher game franchise by my good friend Janina and ever since, I've been longing to dig deeper into it. I knew after watching Janina play the game, that Geralt has many different armor sets that you make from different materials that you get from monsters/enemies that you kill, just like you do in the Monster Hunter series. I did my bigger armor research today to see if any armor tingled my fancy more than some others. I found 4 armor sets that felt more appealing to me design-wise and my final choice was the Manticore armor, as you see above. I decided on the Manticore armor because I like a lot how it looks, it has this hunter-feel to it and because it's not over-the-top decorated/detailed like many of the other armors were. What I really dig about The Witcher is how you play the game. You see, The Witcher is one of those games were you can alter the story somewhat, depending on how you play the game and the choices that you make. So yeah, this game will make you THINK what you say to whom in the game and how those actions will affect your game later on. The Witcher is an incredibly deep game and the story just kept blowing my mind, event after event! Holy shit, is it a well thought-out and unpredictable game! The games I've watched friends play are The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, from where I've seen the end of the last mentioned. Only to see Geralt on my cosplay list encourages me to keep on cosplaying until I get just as worn-out, experienced, gray and old, just like him haha!


That's it for this cosplay list and I hope you guys enjoyed your read because I surely had fun writing this post, just like the previous ones. But now I'm off to fetch a cup of tea and to keep listening to The Witcher 3 soundtracks by Miracle of Sound on Youtube. Good stuff <3

See you around!

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  1. Glad to see that you still have the interest to do Honebami! I didn't really know though that you planned to cosplay from The Witcher, good luck with that.