Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Christmas 2016 Give-away - WINNER ANNOUNCED!!

Yesterday was the last day to participate in my Christmas 2016 give-away and today I will reveal the lucky winner. But before that, I tell you peeps how the winner was chosen, as I mentioned it was randomized in the give-away. You see, everyone who participated in said post got an "invisible" number from me, depending on which order they commented. So the person who posted first got number 1 and the next person got number 2 and so on. To decide the winner, I counted the amount of comments (one number per participant) which was 4 in total and put those numbers in a random number generator that I found online.

So fair and square everyone had the same chance to win, so no picking favorites and this time the lucky number was... *epic drumroll*




Number 2! Biffe!


And as proof, take a look at the image below:

Funny thing is that I had a feeling ever since I started this give-away that participant number 2 would win O_e
I will contact the winner as soon as possible, so that we can arrange the shipping of the prize to you. But before I finish this post, I'd like to give a big warm thanks to everyone out there who participated in this give-away! Thanks everyone, I was really happy to see more participants towards the end of this give-away! :)

- If the winner of this give-away doesn't answer/contact me within one week (8th February at latest), the prize will go to someone else -

That's all for this post and have a nice evening everyone!

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