Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Green Hero Process Part: 8

Hello gamers and nerds of every color!

I have fought my way through the silence and here I am, bringing you peeps the next progress post about everyone's favorite hero in green - Link! Yes, I have finally been working on that particular sucker again!

Some reasons for my absence has been that I have been working plenty in the cinema the last months and a big chunk of my time has been spent on planning and getting "everything to work nicely" for my latest vacation, which was an almost-one-month long trip to Germany. I had plenty of fun there and I also got some cosplay stuff done too! The trip just gave me so much emotionally, spiritually and physically as well so a big, heartfelt Dankeschön to all of you wonderful people who helped me in different ways or spend time with me during my stay in Germany. I would so visit again! <3

Now to that green hero of time... whom time almost forgot, whoopsie! :'DD

Before I get to the "main progress topic" of this post, I just want to say that I did actually do something for about a year ago, to kick this project a little bit forward. What I did was that I attached the cross-shaped ribbon (that I sewed in the past) to the v-cut collar on the front of the shirt. This was the final touch to the shirt which meant that the only thing remaining now, sewing and clothing-wise on the cosplay, was the shoe covers.

Photographer: Frozen Angel

The shirt is finally done! DA DA DA DAAA! ~
Done looking? Good, let's go back to a more recent date then *plays hysterically Song of Time over and over again*


So, during the end of May this year or more exactly on 28th of May, I continued working on this forever-project of mine and a few days before the 28th, I went to mom's place because that's where all things cosplay happens! For the longest time (since my last progress post à la Link) I have wanted to do those light brown, shoe cover... things... the character has. See image below for reference:

See them? Those light brown ones below the knee of the character.
Luckily, since the last time I worked on Link mom put away a little bit of a mocha fabric that I wanted to use for the making of those shoe cover things. I really like the color of the fabric (not picture accurate though) as it would go really well with those dark brown knee boots that I bought during spring this year! Which was also an excuse reason that I haven't worked on this cosplay lately, as I haven't had the proper boots to model the shoe covers after. Legit.

The making of the shoe covers was rather simple and straightforward once I got the hang of it!

Mocha fabric and elastics of two different sizes.
I started out with measuring the circumference of the boot (when I wore it) to get the correct circumference for the shoe cover and once done with that, I also measured the desired length. Mom came to take the final measurements to make sure that I got it right, which I did, mostly. I can't remember the measurements anymore but it was a bit funny because somehow, mom and I, managed to miscalculate the fabric for the second shoe cover so we ended up cutting out twice as much as we needed! We epic facepalmed afterwards for the dumb mistake and got the laughter of the day as a bonus.

With the fabric pieces cut-out, I zigzaged some of the corners to prevent them from fraying, as usual. Then I kept sewing and folding the thing until it started to look more like a tube than a piece of fabric. Every now and then, I went to show mom the progress I've made and she told me how to continue when I got stuck or when my brain decided to hit standby mode. The more I sewed and followed mom's advice the more said piece of fabric started to look like a tube and mah boy, did I like it!

Corners zigzaged to prevent fraying.
Sewed one of the sides in and folded what I could fold at the time being. It looks like a tube now!
One side done (bottom) on the first piece of shoe cover. Neat.
Shoe cover from a distance.
Once done with one tube, I took the next one and just repeated the process. Much folding and straight-stitching going on here but I enjoyed it, so I surely didn't mind!

Both "tubes" done, now it's only the elastics left!
The elastics, duh!
Then it was time for attaching the elastics to the upper corners of both the shoe covers to make them well, elastic and adjustable. I had to keep in mind the width of the elastic when I folded and sewed the upper corner in place, to make sure the elastic would fit inside the fold. The width wasn't the only thing I had to keep track of. You see, I also had to make sure that I left an opening/hole that was big enough in the fold seam, so that I could use a safety pin to pull the elastic around the top of the shoe cover. I have a hard time to explain what I mean, but I hope the photos below gives you peeps an idea of what I was trying to say!

Straight-stitching the "fold seam" aka "tunnel" so that I can pull the elastic through it to its place.
Elastic pulled through with a safety pin. It's sewed together at the ends to keep them in place.
Both shoe covers completed. Eff yeah!
With both of the shoe covers done, there was only one thing left to do - namely try them out! So I dragged myself to the entrance of the house, put on the boots and pulled the shoe covers on top of them, all the way to their respective places.

Totally satisfied man!
Oh and I continue with Link once I can find that darned sword of mine, as it has been moved from the place where I put it last time (as mom did a big clean-up of the house) and now I have to find its whereabouts before I can continue with this project. Great, just wunderbar.

Anyway, that's it for this time and I leave you all alone with this guy until next time!

So, what's up next guys?


  1. Finally some progress on your eternity cosplay, lol. How long has it been now since you started? xD

    Oh and regarding the sword: I've been trying to look for it too but, honestly, I have no fucking idea where it is. I've checked all places that I could think of that would make sense and nope, nowhere to be found. God forbid it accidentally got used as sauna firewood... :'DD

    1. Gosh don't remind me about that! xD But I just checked through my posts and I started this project back in January 2013.

      I need to check for it as well, once I'm at mom's. I hope -and want to have faith- that they haven't taken it for sauna firewood because hey, it obviously look like a sword and something that has been worked on Dx