Friday, August 11, 2017

Guren Ichinose Preview


I'm back with some more photos of my Guren Ichinose (Seraph of the End) costume, as I promised in my last post. This is a preview photoshoot just so that you all can get a better look at my costume that I got from Cosall. Big thanks to them for sponsoring me once again! <3

I also want to add some thoughts about the character here and why I cosplay him; First off, I still need to finish the manga I'm currently reading (Samurai Deeper Kyo for those interested and it's legit good!) so that I can finally start watching Seraph of the End. Yes, I only watch/read one series at a time, so that I can give my 100% focus and interest to it. However, don't get me wrong, I have read a little bit about Guren's background (I liked what I read *insert feels here*) and from all the pictures I saw of him (while searching for official references) he really seemed like the type of character I would fancy. So yes, I do have some minor knowledge about Guren and the series but this is gonna change once I get to watch the anime.

Besides, I have always loved Seraph of the End's character design (especially the uniforms) so even if I -for a reason or another- would end up disliking the series more than liking it; I would still cosplay Guren purely for the backstory and awesome design.

Anyway, you peeps most likely came here for some photos so let's roll them out, shall we?

Cosplayer: Frozen Angel (Guren Ichinose)
Photographer & editor: Shiro Samurai

Myself, I'm happy with these photos and I look forward to learn more about the character and how I should pose for him. These poses are all thought-up-at-the-moment kind, hehe. Seriously, it's hard to pose for a character you don't know that much about, yet.


Guys, is it just me or do you also feel that something important, like the essence of my blog, is about to be left out? My blog has felt different lately and somehow "less me" do you peeps understand? Wait, hold on now, I will try to figure it out as I almost got it on my tongue for a split second *intensive thinking*



Enjoy or run faaar away! Whichever you choose, this beautiful face will follow you all the way... in your mind! *evil laugh*

... okay okay, I'm out dudes :DD


  1. First of all: I really like your derp face xDD. Haven't looked at your blog so much to be honest so I didn't know it was missing. But you should stick to this for sure :)!

    I have to say I wouldn't feel up to cosplaying a character I don't really know well. But it seems to me that you have been enjoying the challenge and already got an emotional attachment to him :). If I think about it the other way something similiar has happened to me lately... I already read about him and whould know that I would like Takumi from Fire Emblem Fates before even playing the game and it happened although I also liked quite some other characters very much as well... Plus sometimes I already see a char in an opening and fall for that one in the end anyway.
    So... choosing like that isn't wrong at all either mostly. As I don't know Guren (and neither Seraph of the end very well) I am really curious what you think of your own photos after getting more into the series :).

    1. Haha, thanks! I enjoy showing people the less-serious side of me at times xD

      For me a cool design does a lot and of course, I always do some kind of research on a character before I decide to cosplay them. I just don't cosplay a character that I have zero interest in or knowledge about.

      I agree with what you wrote because most of the time, that's true for me as well. For example, when getting into a new series/game and you see a character in the intro and immediately somehow know, that said character will one of your favorites, if not your favorite. In my case, this is like 95% true on the characters I ended up liking/cosplaying x)