Thursday, August 3, 2017


Hello Pokémon fans!

Today I went to the local toy store to grab that Giratina promo blister pack that I had my eyes on ever since I walked out from the same store a few days ago, with a Black Kyurem blister pack. I bought the Black Kyurem one mainly because of the 3 XY-Evolutions booster packs in the blister, as I heard from my bro, Shiro Samurai that it's basically the very first Pokémon cards since 20 years ago (that started the craze and was a big part of my childhood) re-printed and updated to keep up with the TCG cards of today. The nostalgia hit me in the face when I opened the Evolutions packs a few days ago and I got my favorite Pokémon of all time in reverse holo along with some other goodies, yaay! I think it was a decent pull overall but it's nothing to compare to what I got from those three Break-sets booster packs (still generation 6) in that Giratina blister from today. Holy shit! My jaw dropped all the way to the floor and it even took me a minute or two to realize how amazing pulls I just got! O__O

The best part? These six booster packs were also my very first booster packs of generation 6. I understand now why my friends call me Gladstone (Donald Duck) every now and then! Call me lucky! ;)

Oh and I stopped collecting Pokémon cards ever since the 5th generation of cards hit the market, as I just lost the interest to continue collecting. Nowadays I only buy blister/promo cards with Pokémon that I really like and if the artwork of the card applies to me as well. Yes, I'm just a collector so Energy and Trainer cards and the like have no value to me. I might start collecting the XY-Evolutions set but we'll see about that, as I still find the originals the best. #genwunner

Below you find the two blisters I bought, the booster packs of each and the rare cards I pulled excluding the common and Trainer reverse holo(s). Enjoy!

If you are interested in Trainer/common & uncommon reverse holo cards, e-mail me! I can sell/trade them along with other cards :)

Photographer: Frozen Angel

Black Kyurem blister pack.
Three Evolutions booster packs.
The rare cards of each pack.
The two most valuable cards. Notice that Exeggutor is a secret rare as its card number goes above 108.
Giratina blister pack.
A Fates Collide, BreakPoint and BreakThrough booster pack.
The rare cards of each pack.
Holy bananas! O__O
Last but not least, I bought the blisters for their promo cards respectively:

Promo Black Kyurem and Giratina along with each blister's coin.
That's it for this post and while you go all jelly over my pulls, I go and freak out somewhere else :'DD

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  1. Nice pulls! :D
    I still keep wondering how come we almost always get the Pokémons that the other one likes more...? xD