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Cosplays That I Lost Interest In


Hello folks!

Today, I will write a bit of a different post but I'm sure the topic is familiar to many cosplayers out there. Namely planning/working on a cosplay and then completely losing interest in it for whatever reason. Familiar situation, no? Anyway, I thought about this post at first, if I should write it or not, some might see it unnecessary but I didn't; there is always a reason behind why I drop a character from my cosplay list. Who knows? Maybe someone out there is interested to know why or what happened to character x, that I haven't mentioned for months/years? I'd like to avoid keeping people waiting forever for something, that I know already, won't ever happen. Myself, I despise waiting for something/someone just to find out, much later, that it/they never showed up. Few things will piss me off like this one does.

On this post I also want to notice you peeps that this list will only include characters that I have mentioned in this blog! The ones on my cosplay list do change at times but those changes, well, aren't visible here so they don't matter. This is a "from then to now" list, so don't be surprised if you see old cosplay candidates that I have dropped in the past, like the Ah! My Goddess genderbends as this is, after all, a complete list. I want this to be an easy-to-follow list with all of my dropped cosplays in one single list, instead of separate posts scattered throughout my blog. I won't delete the old posts though, done is done, but new cosplay drops will be added to this list in the future.

Note: I will list characters from oldest to newest that got dropped. Also, if a character isn't here then that means I still consider or want to cosplay them.

Alright, let's start this!


Character: Izuru Kira
Series: Bleach
Dropped: 2012

I'm not surprised if the majority of my readers have no idea where this character came from or that he has even been mentioned in my blog. Truth is, he was only once cosplayed and that was during Uppcon12 in 2012, in other words, when this blog was all fresh and new. Despite really liking the concept and idea of Bleach, I never really got that much into it. My Bleach knowledge was "sponsored" by Shiro Samurai and even if I had around 4 to 6 (I kid not!) planned Bleach cosplays back in the days, only one of them is someone I still want to cosplay today and that's Uryū Ishida - my favorite character. I do like Izuru as a character but that is not just enough for me to keep cosplaying him.

Character: Rukia Kuchiki
Version: Prison
Series: Bleach
Dropped: 2012

Another Bleach character. However, Rukia is here for a completely different reason than Izuru and hopefully, no other of my crossplays end up on this list for this speCific reason. Yes, you guessed it right. Rukia is here because I really felt uncomfortable crossplaying as her, despite liking her as a character. When I was new to cosplay, little did it cross my mind that "cosplay comfort" is a real thing and one that should always be taken into consideration when dressing up. I was mostly focusing on what the character was wearing (I don't mind kimonos) but ugh, I completely forgot the fact that I was about to... crossplay. For a first timer, I really didn't feel comfortable in this cosplay at all and it ruined my con, experience-wise. Luckily the white kimono works for other cosplays and from this, I learned that when I crossplay in the future, for the love of my identity, pick a character who wears more than just one single piece of clothing or something I would feel more comfortable with. Honestly, just wearing that one piece of knee-long kimono and nothing else, made me feel terribly naked at the con. Ugh, never again.

Character: Sandshrew
Series: Pokémon
Dropped: 2013

I did a kimono inspired Sandshrew gijinka for Närcon Vinter back in 2013, as a pair cosplay with Shiro Samurai, who also did a kimono inspired Pokémon gijinka to match our cosplays. Even if I had a decent time in this gijinka at the con and with Sandshrew being bloody nostalgic for me as a kid, the idea of this gijinka was very rushed and kinda of a last-minute one too. I don't plan to use this kimono gijinka version anymore, as kimono inspired cosplays (while I really don't have anything against them personally, I actually find many of them pretty) just, somehow, doesn't feel right for me. I just don't enjoy these types of clothes as much as the usual ones I run around in, overall. When it comes to Sandshrew gijinka and re-designing it, I say it now - sorry but I don't plan to re-design it, as the interest is long gone and I have other Pokémon gijinkas that I'm much more hyped about and rather put my precious time and money on.

Character: Len Kagamine
Version: Original casual
Series: Vocaloid
Dropped: 2014

A quick original version of my favorite Vocaloid, Len Kagamine, that I threw together for Skecon's Vocaloid concert back in 2014. This was was just a quick "cosplay for the concert" and nothing I plan to use again. I will cosplay Len again in the future though and do an actual version of him. Which one that is, you'll see one day.

Character: Peorth
Series: Ah! My Goddess
Dropped: 2015

A beautiful design on a character who knows how to get what she wants and has quite the attitude, in a good and respectable way, earns my interest pretty quickly. Peorth was one of my original genderbend plans but I dropped her because of two reasons. The first one was that I never came up with a design I liked enough and the second one is that she lacks story and character depth. The last one being easily the biggest bummer for me, as the vast majority of characters I end up cosplaying has a deep story and personality that I love. Then again, Peorth is a side character so it could be expected, to some degree, but I can't help to think and let my mind wander; what made her become the person she is? And why is she (at one point in the series) trying to "force" the main guy to fall for her instead of Belldandy? What happened to her in the past and so on? I would really be interested in the psychological aspect of her character and especially her childhood... if Goddesses have one, that is.

Character: Lind
Series: Ah! My Goddess
Dropped: 2015

The Valkyrie Lind, who is also from the magical world of Ah! My Goddess is actually my favorite Goddess from the cast. Sadly Lind didn't quite make it to the "want to cosplay" list in the end, as she fell short for the very same reasons as Peorth did. The little you discover about her story, is actually pretty cool and very unique to the Ah! My Goddess world. Unlike the other Goddesses you get to know in the series, Lind is a skilled Valkyrie fighter and fights evil beings in both the Goddess and human world alike. Correct me if I'm wrong, it was a long time ago I finished the manga. I like Lind and what she stands and fights for along with her personality and design but sadly, that just isn't enough in the long run for me to cosplay and genderbend her. I really enjoyed reading Ah! My Goddess, don't get me wrong, and it's a superb feel-good series with plenty of moments that will pull at your heartstrings, but sadly, many of its characters suffer character depth and story development, in my opinion.

Character: Kratos Aurion
Version: Judgment / Cruxis
Series: Tales of Symphonia: The Animation
Dropped: 2015

The anime version of Kratos in his Judgment/Cruxis outfit. I mentioned him in a post in the past and this version got dropped back then. Originally dropped as I couldn't be bothered to make the almost same costume twice, as I prefer the game design of it.

Character: Levi
Series: Attack on Titan
Dropped: 2015

As probably expected, my Attack on Titan hype has decreased the last few years since I got into the series but don't get me wrong, I still like the series, its idea/concept and I look forward to see how it ends. However, the soundtracks and the suspense of it are, in my opinion, the cherry on top of the cake! Normally, I dislike/have no interest in popular series but Attack on Titan was different for me and I really enjoyed it. Sure it's brutal and all but heck, they're at war with titans so what did you expect? Levi is still my favorite soldier of the entire cast and I believe him to keep that position all the way to the end of the series and yes, I still want to cosplay him not just his over-done Survey Corps version. So that's why he's on this list. When I decided to cosplay Levi for the first time, I was really happy to find a badass short male character that I can cosplay and up to this day, I am still happy to have stumbled upon this guy.

Even if I technically have his Survey Corps outfit at home, I don't plan to cosplay said version of him anymore. I just don't like doing an over-cosplayed version of a character when there are plenty of other cool, lesser done versions out there, especially from the Wings of Counterattack game. I'm not 100% sure yet which version I'll do, but I'm strongly leaning on doing the one where he has a black long coat, red shirt and black pants. We'll see what the future holds in store for this one.

Character: Kratos Aurion
Version: Judgment / Cruxis
Series: Tales of Symphonia
Dropped: 2016

First off, I know that many of you are probably very surprised to see Kratos on this list and well, I am a bit surprised too that I ended up putting him here in the end! But let me tell you why he is on this list and that's certainly not because I don't like him anymore or anything like that. He is still one of my favorite characters of all time (note that I said "one of my" and not "my favorite") and even if I still really like him and what he stands for, fights for and believes in etc. I would be lying if I told you guys that Kratos hasn't had a significant drop from my so-called "I really like this character" list, ever since I got into Hetalia and my new way of living life. I actually don't know exactly why he has dropped that much recently, it was happening so naturally and he just doesn't speak to me the same way he used to do. Easiest way to explain this would be to say that people change, their life and goals change, their interests and tastes change and heck, people get into new stuff, fandoms and series etc. Change is a natural way of life and I guess all the things I went through the past years changed me a lot - and that's probably why I don't relate to Kratos as much as I did in the past. Honestly, I relate more to Lloyd nowadays (the main character of the game) and my favorite beer brothers in Hetalia.

However, no worries Tales of Symphonia fans. I will absolutely keep cosplaying Kratos in the future but just in his default and pre-game outfits (that I have) as I really don't have the time, money, lust nor inspiration to do his Judgment/Cruxis outfit anymore. Anyone familiar with sewing and crafting can say that the outfit is a bigger project and the interest to do it, is just not there anymore. I have also taken a strong preference towards his default outfit lately, especially when I reflected over what the both outfit's represents to him and when he wears them in the game. Those who have played the game/seen the anime (which doesn't even hold a candle to the game!) knows what I mean and without a doubt, I want to represent Kratos in his good, happy, pleasant memories and moments so I choose his default outfit. Besides, I don't think his Judgment/Cruxis outfit is that comfortable to wear or practical for that matter - my two biggest worries at cons. I mean, how the heck do you take an emergency shit in that thing?! xD

I really like the symbolic design of it but that isn't everything.

Character: Shin Kazama
Series: U.N. Squadron
Dropped: 2016

Shin Kazama is my favorite fighter pilot from one of my most treasured childhood games - U.N. Squadron (known as Area 88 in Japan). This game holds so many good and equally frustrating game memories and despite strongly liking and having the feels about Shin's story and personality overall, I gave up on this cosplay project because Shiro Samurai decided to start doing it and I know that he will do it 20% cooler than I ever will, lol. Especially when he bought a legit military helmet to start with, then you know it's good stuff coming up. I'm really excited to see this cosplay of his taking flight (hehe, see what I did there, eh ;D) and therefore completely leave all the fighter pilot glory to him. Maybe I just do a casual version of him one day because eff yeah, Shin Kazama! Besides, I do have a fitting wig that would work for him too. I would love to bring this childhood hero of mine to life, if I can find a more appealing, simpler design of him that I can do instead of his aviator gear. Good luck to my bro with the cosplay though!

That's it for me and I keep listing cosplays here when changes occur in the future. Do you have any cosplays you've lost interest in? Why? Let me know in the comments!

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