Saturday, November 4, 2017

Lens Review: Dueba Gossip Green

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In my last post where I reviewed my Dueba Gossip Blue lenses, I said that I will also review the Dueba Gossip Green in the near future and here I am, about to do just that. The Dueba Gossip Green will also be the first pair of green lenses that I will review here at my cosplay blog. Frankly, I was a bit surprised to find out that I didn't have a single character in my cosplay list -so far- that have green eyes, despite green being such a common eye color in the fictional world of anime, manga, comics, video games etc.

Sadly, these lenses have the same story and fate as the Blue's I reviewed in the past, so if you have seen that review you know the drill. If you don't, well, I tell you now; recently I re-discovered the Dueba Gossip Blue and Green in my possession, with both of their expire date past, by a month or so, after believing for a long time that I gave them away to a good friend of mine. Because of this unfortunate "finding out too late" I had to send them both straight to the trash can immediately after the reviews were done. Not risking my eyes, even if they felt comfortable. The positive thing is that these were freebies just like the Blue's... not like I would pay for them myself, lol. Anyway, that's the story and now let's see what the Dueba Gossip Green lenses look like!

Photographer: Shiro Samurai

Lenses in their vial bottles.

The photos below are taken during a half cloudy, half sunny October morning/noon at Shiro Samurai's new apartment. I reviewed these lenses after the Blue's, hence the same light setting on the photos.

One lens in. Notice enlargement.
Natural roomlight, indoors.
Facing window, cloudy.
Facing window, not sun side.
Bathroom light.
Flash photo.
Facing sun, outdoors.
Back against sun.
My outfit for the distance photo was inspired by the Biker trainer class as seen in Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen. Yeah, I have totally been playing my retro games lately and I love them so much! Nostalgia right up my face, man <3

Lens review:

Color: 7/10
The green color is visible and I like the shade of it.
Comfort: - / -
Won't be graded. See reason above at the beginning of this post.
Design: 4/10
A simple, natural design with a halo effect and a variety of colors to resemble the human eye more. I personally don't like these all that much and that's because the amount of yellow in them is just too much for me.
Enlargement: 5/10
There is a small enlargement. Good, if you have small eyes and don't want to look flippin' alien.
Naturalness: 7/10
The halo effect (which is adding transparency to the lenses) and the shades of colors, along with the yellow next to the pupil make these look pretty natural. I guess the Dueba Gossip lens series are more of a fashion lens than a cosplay one. These do resemble the human eye after all.
Opacity: 6/10
As someone with gray-green eyes, I say that these cover my natural color surprisingly well. Thanks to the halo effect, your real eye color shine's through, if you like it that way.


Curious about other colors from Dueba Gossip? I have reviewed the following: Blue

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