Sunday, December 10, 2017

Galen Erso Preview


Hello from a galaxy far, far away!

On the same day (3rd December) when I reviewed my Imperial officer cosplay costume I also took the chance, as the weather was pleasant for once, and did a photoshoot preview of my young Galen Erso cosplay. I love some of these photos and I'm really grateful to have Shiro Samurai (le bro) as my cosplay photographer :)

For those interested, here is the background to why I choose to cosplay young Galen Erso:

Cosplaying as Galen Erso was a must since I saw the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story movie at the local cinema when it came out last year in December. I personally liked Rogue One better than The Force Awakens while my bro preferred The Force Awakens, a matter of taste I guess. I was captivated and taken by Galen's story and character by storm, so I just had to cosplay this guy in the near future. It's such a strong and tragic story and it pulled at my heartstrings. A lot. So guess who was sobbing like a little kid in the cinema when Galen Erso died in that one scene where Jyn Erso (his daughter) tried to save and take him with them? I got some mad feels right there. For some reason, those tragic "parent-child" stories just gets to me and the same goes for those, well-written, sad "bad guy who is actually not a bad guy" stories and well, Galen Erso's story had a fair share of both. This story alone is a good reason why Galen Erso is my new favorite character from the Star Wars universe. On the second place comes Anakin Skywalker followed closely by Obi-Wan Kenobi. I mean, who doesn't like Obi-Wan Kenobi, seriously? <3

Galen Erso is also a character (like many others in the movies) who have different designs and also ages in the movies (reality, duh!) as they make new ones. For a long time, Galen remained as a mysterious character you only heard the name of and knew basically nothing about. Rogue One opened up his story and character (at least to me, for the first time) and in the movie, there was also this one flashback scene, where you see young Galen Erso in his Imperial uniform speaking with his colleagues. Later in that same scene, Galen goes to another room to hug and cuddle toddler Jyn Erso up, who had -very likely- been waiting for daddy to come. This scene alone was feels materials for me. #tragicshit

Anyway, that's the backstory and why I choose to cosplay young Galen Erso from Star Wars. This cosplay was different from all of my others since it was my first non-anime character, aka my first "western" cosplay. I'd like to, once again, give a thanks to Shiro Samurai and Ri-kun for their makeup tips for Galen, as I really appreciated it. You see, I was pretty lost myself, haha. Galen was also the first costume where I decided to use my own filthy real hair for, as my natural color happens to be close enough to his. So when I could use my typical Scandinavian hair for a costume (some other Star Wars cosplayers recommended me to use my own as well, if possible) I took that opportunity and well, I must say that it did felt a bit weird to put on cosplay makeup without using a wig. The makeup was a new experience in itself too and I think I did the beard okay-ish too, for being my second try.

Before I give you guys the preview photos I also want to give a big, warm thank you to CosplaySky for sponsoring me this lovely costume and making this preview possible in the first place. Another thanks goes to the Etsy shop Interstait Designs from where I bought my screen accurate rank bar (he does a wonderful job!). So if you're looking for a rank bar to complete your Imperial officer costume of choice, please check him out and be amazed at the quality! I'm loving mine! *thumbs up*

Without further ado, here are the photos!

Cosplayer: Frozen Angel (Galen Erso)
Photographer & editor: Shiro Samurai

I forgot to close the collar after the costume review photos were taken on the first batch of photos. My apologies, I fixed the collar on the second batch of photos though.

After the first batch of photos, we went indoors to warm ourselves up a bit and Shiro Samurai took the chance to take some lens review photos on the same go, as the sun was still up. Later, closer to sunset (around 13:00 local time), we went outdoors again and searched for another location to take the remaining photos at, which ended up being a forest nearby.

Probably my favorite of this photo session.
Shiro Samurai edited, with my approval, one of the photos taken (not the same one as above but almost) to be completely black and white, like photos were back in the days. I like the atmosphere in it.

Last but not least, I know Galen Erso is a "good guy" wearing a "bad guy" uniform and I guess this two sides of one coin reference goes for me as well. You see, I'm really serious most of the time but at the same time I'm a walking goofy, derp a herp. Yes, you knew it already, didn't you?

Bonus Pictures!

I swear these were put into existence solely because I seriously ran out of poses to make! #curseofcharacterswithnoweapon(s)

The obligatory "NOOOO!" photo. It's fitting for his story, seriously! xD
That booty will do just fine.

This has the "I'm fabulous" pose and expression and I was even trying to pose seriously! The proof that my face is living its own life and doesn't give shit xD
Hope you enjoyed this preview post and I can't wait for the The Last Jedi movie premiere (like most of the nerds by now) so next time, I'll write about my cinema experience but for now, see you peeps around!

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