Saturday, December 16, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi World's Premiere

Yo Star Wars fans!

On the 13th of December, it was time for the next chapter in the Star Wars saga to hit the white screen and my boy, have I been waiting for this day! This time, just like back in 2015 during The Force Awakens world premiere I was at the cinema again, as expected by now, either solely in costume (for the sake of the customers enjoyment) or actually working there during a movie showing. In 2015 I just had a filthy casual, directly from the closet, close enough Jedi outfit feat. my Anakin Skywalker robe and lightsaber. This year, I decided to take the next step towards wearing a full cosplay, so I took my young Imperial Galen Erso costume and wore it, without makeup. So basically I was just dressed up as a random Imperial officer with Galen Erso's rank bar, lol. So why didn't I bother with makeup? Long story short; I just can't be bothered to invest hours into putting makeup on mah face when the most customers (I bet) wouldn't even care or notice it. Conventions are a different story all together but now we're talking about the cinema here; where the average customer just wants to buy their movie ticket, munch on whatever they bought and see a good movie, not to look at your face. Face it. #punintended

What I want to say, all in all, is that makeup while working at the cinema is just not worth the time. At least not worth my time. So have a wannabe Galen Erso or a random Imperial officer, whichever you prefer to call my costume pick.

Here is photo proof that I was, indeed, in costume during all the showings of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Photo taken on the 16th of December with my Samsung Galaxy's camera.

Photographer: Shiro Samurai

As per usual, I had fun at my work (my position for the showings was to either sell and/or scan cinema tickets) and man, I just love my job! It always makes me happy when I can wear a costume to the cinema and give our customers that little "extra". Hopefully making their cinema experience more enjoyable and memorable. It just makes me really happy to see their smiles when they enter the cinema's main lobby to see, some staff members, dressed up. Best part is that my boss (who is awesomesauce herself) encourages me to dress up at movies, whenever I have something appropriate. Happy culture geek is happy, hnngh! <3

The "Comment of the Day" came from this elderly woman who looked at me when Shiro Samurai (in costume as well) went to start the movie and said casually "Oh, is the Jedi going to start the movie?" to which I replied "Yeah, seems like it" comically. I also got a few "cool costume" comments from some customers during all the days, but the vast majority just smiled when they saw me. We showed The Last Jedi during its world's premiere date (13th December) during both the morning and evening. The two last showings were on the 16th respectively 17th of December. Myself, I watched the movie on the 16th and I must say I enjoyed The Last Jedi more than The Force Awakens. Without spoiling anything for anyone, I must say that the story took an interesting turn (some stuff surprised me while others did not) and I'm curious to see how this new saga will end. All in all, The Last Jedi, in my opinion, is a great and enjoyable movie. It had its fair share of subtle humor, thought provoking scenes, suspense/excitement and lots of those cool galactic action scenes *pew pew* for fans to enjoy. Not to forget both new and old lovable characters, douchebags and heroes alike.

Unlike the other Star Wars movies, The Last Jedi actually had this one scene that almost creeped me out. It was borderline that I dared to watch it with my eyes open, I'd say. I just didn't like the scene or more like, the feel to it, but it was an important scene nonetheless. The best part of this movie? I think I found another character (again, whoops!) to put in my cosplay list. We'll see what the future holds.

For those curious, the Imperial uniform is from CosplaySky and the rank bar is from the Etsy store called Interstait Designs. Check them out!

Thank you for reading and may the Force be with you, nerds of every color!

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