Friday, February 23, 2018

Who Are You Calling a Midget?! - Edward Elric Progress Part: 1

Hello all.

I'm back with quite the surprise. I seriously never thought that I'd be sewing my next costume so soon! I had no plans in doing a cosplay before well, maybe April or summer, if even that. But here I am, giving Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood that high priority push sorry Link, I get back to you in spring/summer :DD all thanks to that cosplay hype inducing conversation with my good friend Firith. Since my buddy recently finished Brotherhood and was all stocked up to cosplay from it, I got the perfect opportunity to finally bring the fullmetal brother Edward Elric to life! Edward has been on my cosplay list for a while now and he happens to be one of those cosplays that I'm not too keen about cosplaying alone, for some reason. Maybe because he's kinda over-done and not too interesting design-wise? Dunno. But if any of my friends would end up loving the series as much as I do (read: possible pair/group cosplay) then I'm more than thrilled to do this little guy.

The idea to cosplay Edward Elric didn't come from me watching the anime, as many might think. No. It was more of a, how to say, coincidence that I even ended up watching the anime in the first place. To be honest, when I started watching anime some years ago, I wasn't that interested in Brotherhood as the design didn't reel me in. Yes, I can watch a series only because the design/style speaks to me. So how did I end up watching those 64 episodes of Brotherhood? Well, it all started when I was browsing years ago and found this popular thread called "Who Do I Look Like? Who Should I Cosplay?". Usually, I don't care about these kind of topics but I decided to be mainstream and post a photo of myself for shits and giggles, just to see what happens. Pure curiosity. It didn't take long before I had people suggesting me different characters. What I noticed though, was that several persons suggested me the same character over and over again, with one person writing something along the lines of "OMG you would make a VERY handsome Edward Elric!" and well, after receiving such a grand comment, I just had to watch the series and I'm so glad I did! Not only did people recommend an amazing character to me, I also got introduced to one of the best anime out there. Brotherhood blew my mind more times than I can count and Edward Elric stood out as my favorite, after that I plowed through all of those 64 episodes of awesomeness. Aside from Edward, I really liked King Bradley, Van Hohenheim, Greed and Olivier as well. Damn, what a cast... I'm speechless! <3

Before I drift away into "praising the hell out of what Brotherhood is" let's go back to the actual cosplay progress; So, the cosplay progress of Edward won't be a long one and that is because I only need to sew two parts of the costume myself, luckily. What I need to sew will be the black jacket-ish shirt and his iconic red coat. The rest of the costume, to my surprise, was already waiting for me in my wardrobe and some parts I could even borrow from my older costumes! Booyah! This costume won't be 100% accurate but I don't even care. I go with what I have, if I deem that it looks good enough for the costume. I'm not picky with accuracy, unless it's one of those characters who is dear/close to me. Yes, while I dig Edward a lot as a character, he's not that dear to me compared to other characters.

Now to the cosplay progress itself.

Anyway! On the 19th February mom picked me up and I stayed the weekend over at her place to sew on my new costume and spend time there. When I came to mom's and during the time she was at work, I went to the attic to look for a fitting fabric for the coat (we decided to start with it) and luckily, I didn't need to search long before I laid my eyes on an almost ideal fabric for it! It was this sturdier cotton fabric in this beautiful wine red hue! I absolutely loved this fabric at first glance! The problem reared its ugly face when I and mom noticed (after that she came home) that the fabric wouldn't be enough for the pattern we were originally going to make the coat out of. What we had to do was to find another pattern that would work for our fabric restrictions and the next days, I was plowing through mom's huge ass amount of sewing magazines in hope of finding that pattern we could use. I found like 3 or 4 different ones that could work and by looking at them together during the evening, I think our best bet is in one of them.

The issues didn't end there, no no. The next day (20th) when we decided on the best possible pattern (so far) I came across Problem Number 2 - the magazine had no pattern sheets! I looked for them, checked other magazines of the same brand, not there either. I couldn't do much more (I'm not confident/skilled enough to draw my own patterns by hand yet) so I let the project be for now and continued with reading my book until mom came home. I don't think we progressed any further that evening -aside from discussing the patterns- as we were watching television together and having a good time. I did tell mom about the "I can't find the pattern sheets" the following day and she was just as surprised as I was! She told me that she knows that there should be patterns in those magazines but she also recalled that back in the days, when she was running her fabric store, customers sometimes took/forgot to put back the patterns in the magazines. I'm just hoping we can find it and if not, I'm sure mom will find a way around this.

I don't know what more to say and I know that the photos is what -many times- makes a post interesting to read and since I don't have anything to show you guys this time around, have a sum-it-up gif of how I felt when the entire shit of a situation revealed itself for me :'DD

Mr. Bean is gold xD
We will look better into this the next time I go to mom's, which will hopefully be in the near future. Gotta add that I did, indeed, find 2 possible patterns for the shirt though, so let's see which one of those is the better one when I start sewing.

Oh and regarding the Automail (metallic arm); For now, I don't plan to make it nor in the near future. I might do it one day though, if I feel that I really want to upgrade the costume. But for now, I skip it.

Until next time!

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